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Barry Singer’s MS Living Well Podcast on progressive MS in which he interviews Mark Webb, MS patient advocate, Head of Comms at & Prof G, neurologist, at Barts-MS.

If you are interested there are many more other interesting podcasts on the MS Living Well platform that covers all things MS.

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  • You are very positive re. lipoic acid. I can’t take this even at low dose, with meals, without causing heartburn. Any suggestions?

  • Diagnosis SO CALLED Multiple Sclerosis? SymptoMS of the UNPROVEN AUTOIMMUNE THEORY MS often ease/DISAPPEAR when Science confirmed causative factor Symptoms recognized Medical Condition Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI) is treated with Venous Angioplasty! #CCSVI

    • The CCSVI hypothesis has been extensively studied and shown not be an entity and is definitely not the cause of MS. In addition, liberation therapy (venoplasty or stents) does not work; in fact, it is causes harm.

      CCSVI is a good example of why you should read this blog and trust the experts. Sadly a large number of pwMS have been hoodwinked into paying large sums of money for an ineffective and risky therapy.

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