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MD doesn’t do diets….No it is not that MD doesn’t do diets, it is that ProfG is your Diet Man….I don’t have the interest to research diets and to make suggestions.

However, you have been saying I’m fed up with the COVID stuff why not do MS stuff. So is today’s fluffy post is about lifestyle, we can have a look at the mediterranean diet. But I think we should call it the New England Diet.

The original New England MS Diet was that you should eat myelin, so a bit of fatty protein was going to be good for you. It induced Th3 cells…not old enough to remember these. They are cells mad by transforming growth facotr beta. They and this bit of the diet didn’t catch on:-(.

The next bit of the diet was to reduce the salt intake, as it was suggested that not only eating at “McDonuts” turned you into a “McDonut” but the extra salt also gave you MS. So if you gave vomit-inducing, human lethal levels of salt to a mouse that can’t vomit then their MS-like disease got worse, but it had an effect by blocking the effect of T regulatory cells. We all know that increasing the action of T regulatory cells is how MS drugs work….Don’t we know this?

So coming to you soon we should the result of the trial “NCT02282878” soon

So the next bit of the diet is oleic acid (omega-9 fatty aida), this is common in nature and the triglceride olieic acids are in olve oil, sunflower oil etc.

Regulatory T Cells in Multiple Sclerosis.Goverman JM.N Engl J Med. 2021 Feb 11;384(6):578-580 after this paper

after this paper.

Pompura SL, Wagner A, Kitz A, LaPerche J, Yosef N, Dominguez-Villar M, Hafler DA. Oleic acid restores suppressive defects in tissue-resident FOXP3 Tregs from patients with multiple sclerosis. J Clin Invest. 2021 Jan 19;131(2):e138519. 

So there are two questions. 1. Will augmentation of Treg function inhibit MS? This isn’t clear if this is the case as Treg transfer in established autoimminity hasn’t been proven and blockade interleukin 2 recptor CD20 inhibts not augments MS. 2 Will Oleic acid supplementaion inhibit MS?

As you munch on your advocado toast, there is no evidence that this this diet works and it may not. There is no evidence it doesn’t. Wait for the trial results to see if it is worth it. There have been many trials in other conditions, diets enriched in oleic acid can influence fat balance, body weight, and possibly energy expenditure. There is EAE data but feeding one with a tub of lard a day is not the answer I suspect.

Howie D, Ten Bokum A, Necula AS, Cobbold SP, Waldmann H. The Role of Lipid Metabolism in T Lymphocyte Differentiation and Survival. Front Immunol. 2018 Jan 12;8:1949. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2017.01949

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  • I use the OMS diet. No meat, veg, chocolate, coconut, egg yolk. To minimise saturated fat intake. Do you know it? Do you think it’s any good? I have not noticed any difference in almost 3 years on it, but then I don’t have many symptoms. BTW I never liked meat or dairy and I can take or leave chocolate and certainly am not bothered about coconut.

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