Vaccine Guide from the Immunologists


The British Society for Immunology has produced a vaccine guide

You can down load the guide here

  • What are COVID-19 vaccines made of?
  • Do I need two doses of the vaccine?
  • After COVID-19 vaccination, can I still pass the SARS-CoV-2 virus on to others?
  • How have the COVID-19 vaccines been developed so quickly without compromising safety?
  • Specific information about Pfizer/BioNTech and Oxford University/AstraZeneca vaccines

Vaccine Engagement Starts at Home

COI: I’m a member of the BSI

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  • Where’s it gone.
    Had a look when you sent out your message, looked like a great read.
    Now the link is dead.
    Have also searched on their website and can’t find it.

  • I’m screwed now anyways. Thursday this week is the cut off point for 4 weeks until Ocrevus.
    MS nurse says 4 weeks either side, so earliest I can get vaccine is 1st April and I can’t see them being that specific for me, surgery say there is no space and I will be contacted in due course(looks good for the Gov because offered isn’t the same as given is it?)

    I will probably go to end of the queue for refusing the offer before the middle of Feb (which to be honest looks unlikely seeing as it’s 12 days away and have heard nothing), so looks like another 4 or five months in the house with one “outing” a week to the supermarket carpark sitting in the car while hubby does shopping.

    • Misery loves company Ali? I’m due for my Ocrevus infusion too but can’t get find a vaccine appointment anywhere. The process here in TX involves learning from the T.v. News that a shipment is expected at a certain location and request a slot via computer website. But all I was able to do was hit refresh repeatedly on my computer in unsuccessful attempt. The county’s slots filled in 9 min with this method but I didn’t know so I kept doing it for 1/2 hour. It
      was like trying to get concert tickets but my disappointment was deep, as like you, it means I will continue to be a captive in my home for a time uncertain. My husband and adult daughter won’t be eligible until at least the spring. Life is nowhere near a new normal yet. But it seems us anti-cd20ers might be experiencing the same quandary. So there is a small reassurance in that, I think. Good luck.

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