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Thank you for completing our vaccine hesitancy survey. The results are self-explanatory and it is great to see that such a high proportion of you are prepared to have a COVID-19 vaccine.

We will be hosting a Barts-MS Question & Answer session on COVID-19 vaccines and our vaccination policy from 16h30-17h30, Tuesday 23rd February. We will be live-streaming the event via our YouTube channel. If you can’t watch the event live it will be recorded and remain available for asynchronous viewing at your leisure.

We have had plenty of question submitted already, but please feel free to complete the survey below, which will remain open. The survey allows yo to ask questions in the relevant open field at the end. Thank you.

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  • That is probably because you have had one or two doses of the vaccine already. If you answer no then you are asked about vaccine hesitancy. The survey has logic built into it.

  • So I’m like everyone. We want taylored advice.

    I just want to know if I should be discriminating between vaccines Vs my DMT.
    So for example – Lem pts. should be happy accepting….,what?


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