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ProfK asked me to post on this There are reports of our friends in the EU and Astrazeneca are not having the best of arrangements. The rate of manufacture and delivery for the EU is pretty awful in terms of getting the supply of what the EU wants. LIkewise it seems the use of available stock has been pretty awful too. It kind of looks like an ugly divorce split with Astrazeneca being equated to the Brits. However, we have to remember Zeneca is a multinational and Astra is Swedish. Is that why the Danes, Norwegians, Icelandic people have put it on hold:-). Only joking. I am sure Zeneca would love to get some money from as many sources as they can…even if it is non-profit.

So you may have heard the news that many EU countries have halted vaccine use or batches of whole supplies due to a few cases of blood clots. From what I have read the European regulators have said that there is no evidence for a link and remember in the UK, we have vaccinated enough people with the Astrazeneca vaccine to have vaccinated everybody in Austria and Denmark. Add to the the other vaccines around the world, you would expect to have seen a clot safety signal if it was of major concern. We have to remember that people have strokes every day and if can happen in all sorts of ages and some infections can cause blood clots. However, rest assured the European Regulators will investigate this.

Can I explain this? Well simple answer is it is like being asked to explain a non-event. A quick search of adenovirus and clots and strokes did not really find anything. However, we know that infection with actual COVID-19 causes blood clots and COVID-19 disease have been associated with the develpment of strokes. Other viruses can cause blod clots. We will keep you posted

However, the good news for our European Friends is that they have a new treatment option in terms of the the Janssen/ the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. This have just been approved in EU. So the “Eagle has landed” again. Hopefully it will be exported to the EU soon. I am guessing this will get approval in the UK soon. This vaccine is currently a one off dose. A two shot dose is being tested in East London.

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  • Whilst an abundance of caution is commendable, we’re dealing with a virus twice as contagious as influenza and several times deadlier / able to cause long-term serious illness that may be permanent. So time is of the essence. The disease itself can be “asymptomatic” and those who developed clots may have already had it (asymptomatically) and then developed clots. And the clot numbers are low.

    It reminds me of another disease where time is of the essence yet for many years (and even today) specialists demand prudence and caution, and insist on seeing a 2nd episode before even considering treatment. I don’t even want to think how much brain volume was lost to their “caution” and how much disease and progression could have been prevented.

    Back to Covid-19. The entire UK has been an experiment on this vaccine. In fact Scotland is practically a Phase-IV observational study. Results show AZ has efficacy across all age groups and is broadly speaking very well tolerated. Meanwhile delay and prevarication by regulators in EU countries (not the EMA itself thank goodness) will lead to infections, illness, long-term disability and death. It will also lead to huge disruption to peoples lives, businesses, livelihoods, and it’s so unnecessary – we have a vaccine, it’s safe, use it.

  • Equation: Potential, extremely small risk of clot with vaccine vs established, high risk of clots and death with the virus. Do the maths, and then get the immunisation.

  • There’s a reason why patients in hospitals are asked to wear compression stockings and prescribed blood thinners. The vaccinations have been given to the most vulnerable and infirm people. Those of us that are shielding and cannot leave their home even for exercise should be doing some movement to keep us healthy. The last surgeon caring for me told me “you might die” within five minutes after meeting him. I was going to die anyway without an operation. Same goes for the vaccine.

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