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And we’re off… Almost exactly three years after submitting our outline application to the NIHR-EME, the first site initiation visit of ChariotMS will take place TODAY at my home site, The Royal London Hospital. We are expecting the first of 200 people with advanced MS to enrol in June. And as the remainder of 20 sites across all nations of the UK will open over the next three months or so, we hope we’ll be fully recruited within 12-15 months. Have a look at the slides, and follow the links below for further information. And forgive our PPI lead for some remaining creases in the website (; these will be ironed out over the next few weeks. For now, a Big Thank You to all supporters, funding or otherwise helping, for pulling the Chariot to the starting line…



MS Society of Great Britain & Northern Ireland

National MS Society

Barts Charity


Barts Health

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