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Hello peeps.

I need to paint a different picture of myself and in lock down I have not been able to wear a lab coat for ages. I haven’t been able to be a MouseDoctor, which is good news from the beasties, but as you all know I’m not a real doctor.

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The orange COVID mask has cut off my circulation and it made my ear drop off:-). I have my artist outfit on as we are having to have a maker-over. I have given myself the option of a noose or a scalpel and a pair of scissors. I offered to “have the Snip” to save being hanged and banished. I used the COVID mask to cut off the circulation did the trick and I’m ready to send a present (See below if people want them) and my squeak has gone up a few octaves.

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Sadly it has made me realise. I have now got to stick a fence stuck up my Jacksie too, as I will have to sit on the fence (Avoid making decisions) more and must remember to not “ ruffle any feathers” (Annoy someone).

English Idiom/Phrase: To sit on the fence – Business Talks. Inglés de  negocios

When I agreed to post on the blog, I wanted to it to be entertaining for me to do it, I did not want to be the turgid “yes” person saying “everything is magic and we are all made out with stardust”. Throughout the blog there are things that probably only I and MD2 get and sometimes even MD2 has no idea what I am on about.

In contrast to instructions, I decided I wanted to say it how it is, and talk slang so you would get abit of an English lesson whilst learning MS. That is why I post links, as I know that Bricking-it (to be frightened) from the saying “defaecating/SH1ing bricks (meaning to be frightened) is not understood by non-British English speakers. It is not meant to be offensive but to bring abit of light heartedness to something that is not light hearted. However, sometimes I get it wrong and it is insensitive and we have to the fall out.

As you can see we have a name change.

However, I know what it is like to change a name and indeed during lockdown I have actually done a deed poll and have officially changed my name to try avoid having clandestine meetings with border control officers around the World. Deep down I know it isn’t going to work and have been let down to some extent, I think he said ” I have been f-ing useless” by my MP as they have no sway over the Home Office.

As you can see we have started and the Bart’s blog and is gone

Since I was a young mouse I have had a far bit of fun and games with the Border Control and customs officers culminating in them looking up my Jacksie for drugs after a trip to Amsterdam to collect some monoclonal antibodies from the Univeristy of Hamsterjam. If you are a keen reader of Der Speigel and the Guardian you will know that I am, or should I say my name is, on the “Most wanted list” for the past decade. I have officially changed my name but I bet the system is so rubbish it does not make a difference….Can you guess what it is?

People who have read the “London Gazette” are excluded from the game, but there I was in print…..largely with people changing their name from George to Georgina after the real snip.

Anyway here’s a clue. If you are old enough…. you will get it….fiddle de de.

Captain Scarlet – TV Cream

P.S. No it is not “On” so I would be called Mister-On….and yes there is a historical logic.

Anyway ProfG has asked me to send him details of the deed pole as we have to change names. He’s going to do the one that doesn’t cost money as we have none and to be clear this blog has no official linkm. I have advised against doing a deed poll Joe Lycett-style and having a dubious signature:-).

Disclaimer this represents the views of the author and this blog does not represent the views of Queen Mary or Bart’s Health. I am not making any recommendations.

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  • Captain Harlet (edited)??
    I thought for a bit that this post was you leading up to you saying you were leaving us – am so relieved you’re not Cap’n.

    • I thought the same thing! Call yourself whatever you like we will know its you by the writing style (you give me my dose of Brit humor along with straight up info) just don’t leave us! Personally I vote penfold because I haven’t the foggiest notion what you want us to guess!

  • At a loss with all this myself, but still interested. This is how I act sometimes when quite disturbed about something. Extremely sarcastic and cutting. Whatever it is MouseDoctor (or whatever your name is), I hope you come through and shed some light where it needs to be seen.

  • MD did you do it your self or were you admitted for the surgery?

    Thomas W. Johnson & Michael S. Irwig. The hidden world of self-castration and testicular self-injury. Nature Reviews Urology volume 11, pages 297–300(2014)

    Eunuchs are biological males who have undergone voluntary castration for reasons other than male-to-female transsexualism. The term ‘eunuch wannabe’ refers to individuals who desire, or are planning, voluntary castration. Out of fear of embarrassment or rejection, many eunuch wannabes do not consult medical professionals regarding their desire for voluntary castration. Instead, they commonly resort to self-castration, castration by non-medical professionals, or self-inflicted testicular damage via injections of toxic substances. Urologists should be aware of the growing popularity of these procedures. In particular, intratesticular injection of toxins is performed so that urologists will remove the damaged testicles.

  • The MS-Blog is now the equivalent of the speaker’s corner in Hyde Park. Every blogger allowed on the platform uses their own soapbox to stand on and they can say what they want. They need to be aware that if they get prosecuted for anything they write, for example, libel, they have to stand on their own two adult feet.

    The blog is not an official University or NHS site and hence the University or NHS has no jurisdiction over the site or the individual bloggers. The MS-Blog does not represent Barts-MS either.

  • A rose by any other name . . .
    So the blog will stay on and stay uncensored – that’s great news

    MouseDoctor, have you really changed your legal name from D***** B**** to something else?

    • All in the name of…
      Whatever you’re called or the blog too, I’m made up that we not losing either of you MD.

  • So we still get your funny sense of humor! And someone who tells it like it is? That’s a win no matter what you call yourself.
    Hmm. Thinking deadpool & snipping means you are creating a new breed of character with your personality still attached. I would call yourself Harley-quinn!



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