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You may or may not have noticed that the name of the blog has changed; it is now called ‘The MS-Blog’.

The MS-Blog is now the digital equivalent of Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park. Every blogger allowed or invited onto the platform uses their own soapbox to stand on and they can say what they want. However, they need to be aware that if they get prosecuted for anything they write or say, for example, fake news, slander or libel, they have to stand on their own two adult feet.

The MS-Blog is not an official University or NHS site and hence the University or NHS has no jurisdiction over the site or the individual bloggers.

The MS-Blog does not represent Barts-MS either. Barts-MS is not an official organisation, but simply an umbrella term that is used to describe MS-related activities that happen in either Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, which is part of the Queen Mary University of London, and Barts Health NHS Trust. The medical school and the NHS Trust are closely affiliated with each other so using the term Barts-MS simply makes it easier to describe things.

The MS-Blog is now out in the cold but surviving; photo by NRKbeta on Unsplash

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  • I am so pleased that The Blog is effectively carrying on in the same manner but with a different name. This is an invaluable resource and a collective tribe of progressive thinkers. Does anyone else like me wonder whether aHSCT is also the most cost effective answer to Long Covid? Well done and thankyou to everyone who ensured its future. 👏👏👏

  • Keep up the good work.
    It’s highly appreciated!

    Many thanks from just a pwMS. (Strange to qualify myself as pwMS)


  • A very appropriate visual analogy for what the blog provides me; some much-needed light and warmth in a very dark and cold world of MS. Thank you for keeping it alive.

  • Good news. My wife thinks this blog is even better than Aaron Boster’s YouTube and Twitter channel.

    • Better? Aww…. I love Aaron Boster’s videos. I’d say they compliment each other beautifully! (This blog and Boster Videos)

      • I love Aaron Boster. He has a great online presence and he comes across as a very nice man. I was trying to compliment the Ms Blog. I thought that was high praise.

  • Doesn’t making this a soapbox, without central control, give MD1 a license to thrill? I predict it won’t be long before you are going to have to do to MD1 what Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube have done to Donald Trump 😉 Soapboxes also come with responsibilities.

      • Do you want Donald Trump back in the Whitehouse? MD1 needs to take control and act responsibly. The latter comment is based on the assumption he has done something really really bad to self-castrate himself. To give up testosterone it has to be serious. A rage attack? Please spill the beans.

        • More to do with the (over)-reaction of some (in my opinion) pearl clutchers. Unfortunately calling it as you see it has to be suppressed. More a drop to Madras from Vindaloo and hopefully not Korma. 😉

  • Does the blog accept donations?

    (for anything from hosting costs, team drinks to – hopefully not needed – legal fees…)

  • Does the blog accept donations?

    Could be used for anything, hosting costs, team drinks, and – let’s hope not – legal fees…

    • There is a spot somewhere ProfK had sorted it….as it had disappeared from QM foundation site

  • Lets face it you were ‘THE’ MS blog anyway 🙂
    Happy that things can continue around here!
    Also second the comment re: donations. Would love to support the blog as i’m sure many others would too



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