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No nothing to do with Lizards:-) but the Jabs…..Well done MS-Britain you want the Jab…but let’s finish the job/jab


  • 94.4% of people with multiple sclerosis (MS) would accept a COVID-19 vaccine
  • People of increasing age and influenza vaccinations were more likely to accept
  • Safety concerns and lack of information were top reasons for not getting a vaccine
  • 51.7% of people with MS initially surveyed received a COVID-19 vaccine by May 2021
  • Deciding to receive a vaccine changes with evolving perceived risk versus benefit

Huang et al. Willingness to receive a COVID-19 vaccine in people with multiple sclerosis – UK MS Register Survey MSARS, 2021DOI:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.msard.2021.103175

Background & Methods: We conducted an online COVID-19 survey as the vaccines became available, utilising the UK MS Register, to understand people with multiple sclerosis (pwMS) views on COVID-19 vaccination and the subsequent vaccine uptake rates.

Results & Conclusion: 94.4% of 3191 pwMS surveyed indicated they would get a COVID-19 vaccine, while 5.6% would not. PwMS who have previously had an influenza vaccine, increasing age and the perception of having sufficient information about the vaccine were associated with increased likelihood of getting a vaccine. 51.7% of 3191 pwMS completed a follow-up survey indicating they received at least 1 dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. The proportion having had the vaccination based on their prior opinions was 53.2% in ‘Yes’ group and 27.0% in ‘No’ group, the latter reflecting a change based on their initial views. More information on COVID-19 vaccine safety in pwMS would be helpful for people to make informed decisions.

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So we have to ask the question of the 6% what are your reasons against and then we can work through these….So look at c below Safety concerns is top of the list remember the risk of blood clots is less than the risk of the bloodclot from flying,……taking certain medicines and the risks of not being vaccinated are probably higher. Uncomfortable doing it in a Health care environment…..they were being done in vaccination centres in football stadia, if you were a gooner you could have got a look round Arsenal…Oops I can see why you wouldnt want to do that:-)

Remember to sign up to the MS regisister

Uhr L, Mateen FJ. COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in multiple sclerosis: A cross-sectional survey. Mult Scler. 2021 Jul 27:13524585211030647. doi: 10.1177/13524585211030647. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 34313513.

However our friends in the US are not quite as up for it and 76.6% were COVID-19 vaccine willing

Background: Vaccine willingness among people living with multiple sclerosis (PwMS) requires assessment following the approval of the first COVID-19 vaccines, since there remains uncertainty on multiple aspects of COVID-19 vaccination in immunosuppressed patients.

Objective: To understand COVID-19 and influenza vaccine willingness and its associations among PwMS, following the approval of the first two mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.

Methods: A survey was distributed to PwMS via an online platform from December 2020 to February 2021. Logistic regression models were constructed to determine the relationship between (1) COVID-19 and (2) influenza vaccination willingness with demographic and clinical characteristics.

Results: Of 701 responding PwMS, 76.6% were COVID-19 vaccine willing. COVID-19 vaccine willingness was significantly associated with influenza vaccine willingness (p < 0.001). In multivariable models, older age increased the odds of COVID-19 and influenza vaccine willingness (odds ratios (ORs) > 1) and other race decreased the odds of COVID-19 and influenza vaccine willingness (ORs < 1); higher functional disability decreased the odds of COVID-19 vaccine willingness (OR = 0.88, 95% confidence interval = 0.80-0.96). Prevalent vaccine-related concerns include safety (n = 244) and efficacy (n = 122).

Conclusion: Our findings identify demographic and clinical factors as well as concerns influencing vaccine hesitancy in PwMS. These results may inform effective public health interventions to improve vaccine acceptability in this at-risk group.

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  • once again nothing really about t-cells
    just saw this latest piece:
    SARS-CoV-2 spike mRNA vaccines1–3 mediate protection from severe disease as early as 10 days post prime vaccination3, when neutralizing antibodies are hardly detectable4–6. Vaccine-induced CD8+ T cells may thus be the main mediators of protection at this early stage7,8. The details of their induction, comparison to natural infection, and association with other arms of vaccine-induced immunity remain, however, incompletely understood. We show on a single epitope level that a stable and fully functional CD8+ T cell response is vigorously mobilized one week after bnt162b2 prime vaccination when circulating CD4+ T cells and neutralizing antibodies are still weakly detectable. Boost vaccination induced a robust expansion generating highly differentiated effector CD8+ T cells; however, neither the functional capacity nor the memory precursor T cell pool was affected. Compared to natural infection, vaccine-induced early memory T cells exhibited similar functional capacities but a different subset distribution. Our results indicate that CD8+ T cells are important effector cells, expanded in the early protection window after prime vaccination, precede maturation of other effector arms of vaccine-induced immunity and are stably maintained after boost vaccination.

    So I hope and want to say for all CD20 treated —that make a t-cell response-life can go on (with some caution)!
    Doc you agree on that with the t-cell dripping information?
    But why there are no standardised tests for it??

    • There are no standardised tests for T cell responses as they are much more laborious to do compared to testing for an antibody response.

    • No standard tests….this is a lot more work to do with cells so that is why there are more antibody studies. I could add that CD8 t cell response is maximal after one shot of AZ too

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