The Olympics Start…Give ProfK a Gold for Crossing the Starting Line


After about a decade ProfK gets the oral cladribine trial off the ground with the first person consented to the trial

How does cladribine work? Clad-COVID…More Good News for ChariotMS, but it's  not all good. – The MS-Blog

Well done profK and the Team and thanks to Merck and the funders

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  • Right I’m confused 🤔
    You see I have just finished year 2 Oral Cladribine aka Mavenclad, with the Sheffield Hallamshire Teaching Hospital, so am I in a drug trial with Merck ????

    If anyone can provide clarity I would be most grateful

    Regards Gill 😊

    • Simple answer is no. You would have consented to be in a trial. The fact that you are asking suggests no. However in real life use this is called phase IV (4) study and you will be part of this as it monitors.for safety issues. ProfKs study is for.more disabled people you will have been offered cladribine due to active relapsing MS.

  • Great. But dead nerves are not going to come back to life with this drug. Maybe it may stop more damage. And extra revnue for Pharma from more patient coverage. Heres a idea, why not push for trials for novel drugs like NVG-291 that actually might repair the damage.

    • It’s a far shot, but you may be onto something. However, combining a supposedly regenerative drug will likely be a much better idea in conjunction with an effective anti-inflammatory. “Stop the shredder whilst you repair”. Perhaps your molecule will be adopted to the MS Society’s Octopus platform?

    • Heres an idea, why not wait to see if it is safe in humans first…the phase I has just started, the company is going to have to find cash for phase II and then be bought for phase III and at that point we may be doing the trials.

      Anyway first thoughts…this molecule is all over the place so side effects central may be its down fall.

      P.S. By the time Chariot finishes cladribine could be out of patent and it could be cheap as chips

        • I and many appreciate the stand Barts MS team take for MS patients. So I’m not being rude or critical. But just trying to spark a debate.
          Walking before running. MS patients who can’t do either are waiting decades because MS has become cash cow for pharma. Again. There will never be a licenced cure for MS.

          • I did wonder whether my walking/running idiom would spark a response…
            The whole concept of ChariotMS revolves around the concept that whatever function you have should be protected, our outcome focusses on upper limbs, however we’re hoping other functions will be protected as well. Appreciate your frustration about how long it all takes.

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