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  • MD – glad the Society is quoting you!

    I remember a couple of posts from ProfG pointing out Lymphopenia longer term is not unusual with Alem, so can you please help some of us to understand how it is that the view taken is that ‘it doesn’t take as long for the immune system to bounce back’

    I ask this because since my second dose of Alem four years ago I’ve Grade Two Lymphopenia and some months my neutrophil count is low too and it’s this that has made me wonder about whether there’s been a blunted response to the vaccine.


    • The main element we look for is an antibody response and the immature B cells capable of making a vaccine response return within a few weeks of infusion…Remember about 80% of people can made an antibody response against alemtuzumab withi 1-3 months so the machinery to make anti-COVID is there.

      CD8 may take some time

  • Do you think we’ll know how anti cd-20 treated patients respond (clinically) by christmas?
    And what about Sweden? Considering how many of their patients are treated w/ rituximab? Surely some case-reports must be emerging soon.

    • Maybe….
      Sweden yes they have some answers and will have more they have loads of people treated with rituximab.

      Surely some case reports must be emerging soon….maybe depends how sensible the reviewers are:-)

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