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Are you an HCP working in MS? These two meetings – yes they are face-2-face – may interest you. The feedback from the previous three meetings has been the best feedback I have ever seen for an academic MS meeting. More than 98% of attendees said they would definitely attend again, 100% of attendees said they would recommend it to colleagues and friends and the majority said they preferred the meetings to the large international meetings because of the intimate format of the meetings and the fact that there is a lot of time for discussion. As with so many things in life, less usually means more. If I can say so myself the programmes look very exciting and a time to look beyond COVID-19.

Please register online; HCPs and MS Nurses.

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  • I’m pleased to read of the success of the prior meetings and sincerely hope many more HCPs will be motivated to participate in this and future meetings based on the endorsement of their colleagues who’ve participated.

    However I think it continues to evidence the extent to which the system operates as an ‘us and them’
    If courts are now utilising victim personal statements in proceedings, why not at least apply something similar to each of the topics included in the programme?

    Whilst you personally make use of surveys via the Blog and reference these and your interaction with individual patients in some of your presentations, there seems to be little or no effort to include the experience and views of PwMS more generally/widely.

    I wish you well with the latest meeting (shame there’s no chance of making it compulsory for the dinosaurs😏)

    • I think you need to lobby the Government to change the ABPI guidelines regarding industry contact with patients.

      The good news is that our triMS-online conference is launching a meeting for pwMS called PrisMS. The latter is being designed and run by pwMS.

      • Can pwMS that work for the NHS in research (MS and other conditions) and admin apply? I’m not a HCP but I do have a master’s degree in Multiple Sclerosis and I also have MS.

        • I would apply from your professional position there are rules about mixing doctors and pwMS so dont mention your MS get the invite and then ask for any things you need there are lots of steps in the venue

  • I would like to attend but can’t. Can the presentations be made public online? So they are accessible to all?

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