Blood Spot Tips


If you are helping us with COVID-19 testing or providing a blood spot sample for other reasons here are som tips to help us help you

Blood Spot Collection Instructions


  • Wash hands with warm water and gently massage finger

from palm to tip.

  • Choose fingertip (middle or ring finger of non-dominant

hand is best) and wipe with alcohol wipe.

Sample Collection

  • Twist and remove lancet cap (A).
  • Hold lancet firmly against side of fingertip and press down

until you hear a click (B).

  • Wipe away first show of blood with a tissue.
  • Use gentle intermittent pressure to the surrounding area

 to produce a hanging drop – allowing the drop to form fully

(C) is important to produce a high quality sample.

  • Allow drop to fall onto circle on card or gently touch blood

drop to the card – avoid pressing fingertip against


  • Only apply a single drop to each circle on card. A quality

spot will fill or nearly fill the circle and fully soak through

to the other side of card (D). If a spot is poor quality you can

move on to the next circle and try again.

  • See tips below to increase blood flow if having difficulty

generating a hanging drop.

  • Cover fingertip with a plaster
  • Packaging up

    • Leave card open at room temperature to dry 3-4 hrs (overnight if convenient

    Tuck flap of card in and pack into the provided

    ziploc bag containing desiccant.

    • The sample is now ready to be returned in post with

    your signed consent form and questionnaire.

    Post in any Royal Mail postbox

    Tips to increase blood flow if having difficulty producing a hanging drop:

    • Try warming hands by rubbing them together
    • Stand up to improve blood flow
    • Drink a glass of water to ensure you are hydrated

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    • Another tip that I picked up in a tweet from Prof Tim Spector (Zoe Covid Symptom app in UK) is hold hand in hottest water you can stand for a minute.

      Gave it a try and works a treat! 3 good hanging drops from one lancet 🙂

      Common sense warning: not so hot you burn your hand!

    • I have a hot bath instead of my usual cool shower before doing the blood spot thing. I had enough blood drops to fill lots of cards. My trouble was stopping it. If I put my hand in hot water it’s only just enough to get the blood to flow reluctantly.

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