#MSCOVID-19 Chances of making an antibody response after a COVID-19 booster


After taking ocrelizumab it seems that many people make a T cell response but do not make much of an antibody response. The emerging data suggest that this is related to B cell levels. On the left you have antibody levles and along the bottom you have B cell levels. The more antibody you make the higher it is on the graph

This is seen in a number of papers

We asked if you take ocrelizumab how long does it take to receach different levels of B cell numbers as this may give you some idea of the chances of making a COVID-19 related antibody response following vaccination.

We have been allowed access to the phase II ocrelizumab study where people had three or four rounds of ocrelizumab and treatment was stopped for 18 months at the end of the study. Remember the antibody hangs around for 5-6 months so this is why you get dosed ever six months. At 0 months (below) people had been on active treatment for 2 or 3 cycles. This is what we found. It is hot off the press never been seen before. We will give the link to the full paper when it appears on MedRXiv. Rememebr some people make antibodies when there are no B cells in the blood

This information is based on research using data from Roche that has been made available through Vivli, Inc. Vivli have not contributed to or approved, and are not in any way responsible for, the contents of this publication. Data analysis, interpretation and conclusions made are independent from Roche.

Disclaimer: Please note that the opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not reflect the positions of the Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry nor Barts Health NHS Trust or Queen Mary Univeristy of London.

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  • Are there any opinions emerging as to which booster is best if you do get an option which I believe some centres do have?
    I had Pfizer last time so would you choose Pfizer or Moderna given the option?

    • My humnle opinion it is clealry Moderna if you have the choice and Pfizer is a close second. In all head to head studies Moderna gives higher antibody levels in the Italian study it is 3.5 times the level and gives more protection against delta.

      Watch Medcram 129

      • Is there any reason that the Moderna is a half dose while the Pfizer is a full dose? Does that make them more equal perhaps?

          • Thanks for reply.
            If moderna is so much more effective why were single shots not given the first time around?
            Also why are two Pfizer shot not being given this time even if two are only offered to those very vulnerable people in the very high risk groups 1 – 6?

  • Do you have any information on changes in disease activity or disability in this study after 18 months with no Ocrevus infusions ?

  • Can we get a non covid paper for a chance? :S

    Would love hear you talk about anything but covid, even the weather would be great!

      • As a PWMS who is on Ocrevus and trying to navigate the best & safest path back to a (somewhat) normal life— I VERY MUCH appreciate the covid/cd20/vaccination information, discussion & articles.
        Until this is over and we have all the answers, KEEP THEM COMING!!!

    • Steve,
      Unlike you, many, myself included,are highly impacted by the constant threat called Covid-19. Dr. Mouse sharing his highly informed thoughts and findings are super important to some of us even if they seem repetitious to you.
      Also, if there is one thing that we might learn from this that is independent of the pandemic is is aCD20 indeed only a B cell killer, or is it actually immunomodulatory? Whatever the finding will be.. this will be tremendous to the scientific community and the MS society at Large.

      Dr. Mouse, keep it coming!

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