The manufacturers of anti-CD20 antibodies have late breakers suggesting that severity in anti-CD20 depleted MSers is a reflection of factors that affect the general population including age and co-morbidities.

The question is whether this message sticks or whether it is the message from a few academic papers that there is a small increased risk of increased severity is the influencer. The message from Rituxiland was abit mixed.

The theme of the COVID-19 meeting….I mean ECTRIMS2021 is that anti-CD20 inhibits antibody responses but not T cell responses and fingolimod does both. It is shown well in this poster. This was replicated over and over and over again except a few.

The big question is what does it mean….biology 101 says that there will be an increased risk of symptomatic COVID-19

COI Multiple

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  • MD,

    Another wasted opportunity.

    200 confirmed speakers
    1200 Regular abstracts
    9000 participants

    People with MS let down again. No breakthroughs relating to cause, neuroprotection or remyelination. Prof G’s pyramid still stuck on level 1 x anti-inflammatories. Couldn’t see any new stuff on symptomatic treatments. Covid 19 has provided a detour from addressing the unanswered questions relating to MS. No doubt the research teams all had a great time. But will any MSers benefit? Sadly no. The phrase “there’s never been a better time to get MS” is used by some neuros. I’d say 2050 is a better time. No doubt ECTRIMS 2022 will be no different – they can blame supply chains, petrol shortages, Covid 19 and Brexit. I look at cancer research with complete envy.

    • The ‘never been a better time to get MS’ needs to be dropped as a slogan. I heard it and it pissed me off

      It’s like it’s a great thing to have MS. If treatments that stop MRI lesions stopped MS then maybe. But it’s a patronising slogan to hear.

    • ECTRIMS is about keeping your doctors informed….
      No Breakthrough…I dont know Cambridge was there showing us remyelination, didnt get selected for presentation, I suppose no clinical, impact genes and metabolism, positive probiotic study etc, EBV treatments, new treatments etc “I look at Cancer research with complete envy”….It has about a hundred times the budget of MS, has easy endpoints for trials and easier biology. Cancer Research UK said “In 2020/2021, we committed £388m to cancer research and £420 million in ongoing research projects”. In 2020 the MS Society research budget for new projects was £0….there was no grant round and in 2021 the total budget was reported to be £1,000,000 besides the funding of a few centres and their trials.

      • I understand there are 200 types of cancer – MS is just one disease. The MS Society’s Stop MS campaign is raising £100m. MS research has been funded since the 1950s (and hugely by the NMSS). The bottom line is the cause is still unknown, there are no treatments to stop progressive MS (progressive MS without active inflammation), remyelination therapies are years away….. From an MSers point of view (particularly MSers in the progressive phase) – research has not delivered, I thought the advances were progressing well with treatments that pretty much stopped relapses. It was Prof G that killed my appreciation of these advances by saying that relapses (focal inflammation) is not the real MS – the real MS is smouldering MS which is there from the start and driving increasing disability. To me it looked like we were back to square one and having to find new treatments to target smouldering MS!

        • Re: “…cause is still unknown..”

          Not sure I agree. There is a consensus building in the field that EBV is the cause of MS.

        • ProfG has opinions they dont have to be right…I doubt MS is one disease…it has already been split Devics MS is now NMO and the is MOG disease I am sure more to be uncovered

          • “ProfG has opinions they dont have to be right”

            You’re getting brave in your old age! Don’t bite the hand that feeds you or you might end up on the MS researcher scrap heap with a P45. Look what happened to MD2 – he’s now working for a pit pony charity in Swansea. These South Africans can be ruthless when rubbed up the wrong way. Make sure you lock the toilet door in The Royal London (don’t want an Oscar Pistorius incident).

          • No theory has to be right before proven. That’s exactly what’s lacking. And, given how persuasive all the evidence is, it needs done as quickly as possible.

            So, with respect, I think you’re possibly clinging to your good old anti-inflammatories?

          • To be honest I don’t believe Prof G himself believes in MS is one disease. He’s merely trying to correct current incorrect classification with a bolder statement which will not work because it is also incorrect haha.

    • “I look at cancer research with complete envy.”

      Well, don’t bother. The grass is not actually greener, there’s just more of it. Cancer research truly needs and yes, deserves more funding than MS research, because if affects so many more humans. But cancer research also needs a massive overhaul in how it conceptualizes cancer. Right now it’s mostly a mess. Cancer research demonstrates better than anything, that simply throwing lots money at researchers hardly guarantees that the research thus produced is going to actually translate into something that effects or extends the the lives of real patients.

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