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As you may know I am a big fan of Dr Seheult and Medcram. They are respiratory docs and did a fantastic job in educating me about SARS-COV-2. They also wrote a nice letter to me when I acknowledged them in one of our COVID-19 reviews. This is education and here they ask which vaccine would you have if you can choose a COVID booster.

In US the Vaccine choice is Moderna, Pfizer or JnJ sometime called Jannsen. In UK you get these and the Astrazeneca. Here they ask what would you do if offered a choice?

If you have been reading the blog it is a no brainer if you accept that antibody levels are what is going to prevent you getting infected.

So JnJ induced responses is alot lower than Moderna and Pfizer. If you want to know where AZ stands it is similar to JnJ and so not great. Likewise some of the inactivated vaccine induces an even weaker response.

So this is why in UK the AZ has been binned as a booster. So as we see re-infections in vaccinated individuals it is more likely that this will occur in AZ-vaccinated individuals. This is because the AZ induces much a lower antibody levels and as they wane then the protection goes quicker. I have seen it in some of our samples of how weak the AZ response is. So if you have had AZ and are immunosuppressed you really should get that booster/third dose.

Many of people at BartsMS will have has the AZ vaccine that was given at the EXCEL centre

If you want to watch about Mix and matching vaccines you can but the data in this video https://youtu.be/HSyAssfva8U

If you were on an adenoviral dose and then get RNA dose it is as ggod as two RNA vaccine and was better than wo doses of adenoviral vector

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  • I was hoping to get Moderna for my booster as I’d had joint inflammation (knee bursitis of all things) after both doses of Pfizer. I chose a vaccination centre that was advertised as doing both but ended up with Pfizer. Took a sneaky ibuprofen before parkrun today (first run since my vaccination on Thursday) and I seem to have got away with it! I needed a course of Naproxen and weeks off running after the first two doses.

    Just worried now as I’ve noticed the date of my vaccination is written wrong on my card, it hasn’t shown up in the NHS app and my COVID pass expires before I head to Malaga marathon in December…

    • “was hoping to get Moderna for my booster” so was I but didnt get it and I think most people are getting pfizer on the NHS app the third dose does not appear. You get the COVID pass based on the two doses. Just request a new pass on the NHS app

  • I don’t know what to choose. I made zero antibodies with JJ while on Kesimpta, and was advised that the antibody testing is a poor method of evaluating vaccine response. My request for one mRNA dose was denied before restarting Ocrveus, because both mRNA doses were required, and a further delay in MS treatment was not an option. I can make this decision in Feb, but will be surprised if my littles do not bring covid home from school before that time comes.

    • I was “advised that the antibody testing is a poor method of evaluating vaccine response”…comming from someone selling JJ?
      OK it is not definative but if you have rip roaring anti receptor binding domain/neutralizing antibodies it tells you you have a better chance to not get symptomatic covid-19 than someone making no response and this is perhaps why testing has not been favoured and that is because it lets you know you have made a rubbish response. I was at background after dose 1 and so I remained cautious after dose 2 there was a response, now I am waiting to see what dose three does. The FDA has made comment on their view of getting repeat doses on J and J, but people on immunosuppressives are being given third dose this is different from booster, but monthly ofatumumab is going to ensure a reponse is unlikely to be made what ever vaccine you have. You have to hope for t cells

      • No, no specific vaccine preference was recommended, just to get vaccinated/get your booster when available (and I was frustrated that this was the 3rd practitioner who was not interested in ordering the antibody lab “because it is inaccurate” , so I went to Quest and ordered the test for myself). Another layer to this story was requesting to change from Kesimpta to Mavenclad, but Ocrevus was recommended and restarted before “my” booster was available (which is why I wanted to get one mRNA in before the infusion). Perhaps I should be less agreeable in the future so I’m not hanging high hopes on T cells to see me through half of winter. Ty so much for your reply!

  • What lab test do you need to determine if you have developed an adequate level of immunity? I take Ocrevus my last infusion was in March. I have had two Pfizer vaccines. One in May and one in July. I was supposed to have my Ocrevus infusion this month but decided to put it off as I am being offered a third booster. So when do I take it now or wait till 9 month post infusion which is December? The only lab results I have access to is lymphocyte count which is 1.4 which is still apparently with a normal range. Here in British Columbia, Canada pwMS are given no guidance what so ever and it’s left up to each person to sort out on their own. Any information you can provide would be helpful.

  • Well, this is an animal study, but certainly correlates with much if what MouseDr and others have been saying for a while now, T cell response is probably not that important for Covid.
    In this study, they shut down the t cell response completely, and saw very little change in disease outcome. If you are on aCD20 DMT, got a jab, and hope the t-cell response would be sufficient… You might want to reconsider.
    What say you MouseDr?


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