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Not all our readers are eligiable for RNA vaccines which are commonly used in the West. In the UK we have been stuck with the AZ vaccine which America didnt want. In other parts of the World people are reliant on Chinese technology and there they have gone on the standard route of taking the virus, inactivating it. Whilst this is different in that you can make responses to spike and nucleocapsif and other viral proteins rather than just spike protein as used in the RNA and adenoviral vaccines. This may have some benefits, but just like RNA and then adenoviral vectors where CD20 and fingolimod limit COVID-19 responsiveness. Here we see that sinovac is no better.

As you can see the scale goes 1, 2 3 1=10, 2=100 and 3 =1000 and so shows the increase in antibodies in not great generally with RNA vaccines the increase is 3 = 1,000 to 4 = 10,000

UX untreated IFN interferon GA glatiramer acetate DMF dimethyl fumarate TFN teriflunomide FNG fingolimod

Etemadifar, Masoud and Sedaghat, Nahad and Nouri, Hosein and Lotfi, Noushin and Chitsaz, Ahmad and Khorvash, Reza and Zolfaghari, Hamed and Ghasemi Movaghar, Alireza and Pourabbas, Mohammad and Salari, Mehri, SARS-CoV-2 Serology Among People with Multiple Sclerosis on Disease-Modifying Therapies after BBIBP-CorV (Sinopharm) Inactivated Virus Vaccination: Same Story, Different Vaccine (October 14, 2021). SSRN:

Background: Various studies indicated blunted humoral responses to COVID-19 mRNA and viral vector vaccines among people with multiple sclerosis (pwMS) on sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor (S1PR) modulators and anti-CD20 therapies (aCD20); however, no study was found assessing SARS-CoV-2 serology after inactivated virus vaccination.

Objective: To provide evidence regarding humoral response to COVID-19 inactivated virus vaccination among pwMS on disease-modifying therapies (DMTs).

Methods: A cohort study was carried out in Isfahan, Iran, enrolling DMT-exposed pwMS and unexposed (UX) healthy participants. Post-vaccination anti-SARS-CoV-2 Spike IgG serology testing was carried out among the participants and compared between participants based on their DMT exposure, using proper statistical tests. A multivariable logistic regression model was used to control for confounding. Association between the second vaccine dose-to-phlebotomy (vac2phleb) and the humoral response was investigated in each DMT-exposed cohort, using linear regression. Among the aCD20 cohort, the association of the last aCD20 infusion-to-first vaccine dose period with serostatus was investigated using an unpaired t-test.

Results: After enrolling 358 participants (144 pwMS and 214 healthy), blunted humoral responses were only observed in fingolimod (Log10 mean diff. [SE]: 0.72 [0.18], P = 0.001) and aCD20 (Log10 mean diff. [SE]: 0.75 [0.15], P < 0.001) cohorts compared to the UX cohort. Multivariable analysis confirmed the results. The study did not achieve enough statistical power to detect a significant association between the vac2phleb period and humoral responses. The last aCD20 infusion to first vaccination dose period was longer in the seroconverted pwMS on aCD20 (mean diff. [SE]: 8.43 weeks [2.57], P = 0.005).

Conclusion: The results of this study mirrored the results of previous studies among mRNA- or viral vector-vaccinated pwMS on DMTs. Therefore, it can be concluded that mode of action contributes less than timing, to the efficiency of vaccination strategies among pwMS on DMTs – especially the ones on S1PR modulators and aCD20. Meanwhile, the mentioned pwMS should be advised to receive early boosters and remain vigilant until further data becomes available and more efficient vaccination strategies are crafted.

If you want to compare antibody response of inactivated vrial vaccine versus BNT162b2 (Pfizer)You can look here

Comparison of the immunogenicity of BNT162b2 and CoronaVac COVID-19 Vaccines in Hong Kong Mok, C. K. P., Hui, D. S.10.1101/2021.10.28.21265635 — Posted: 2021-10-30

viral neutralizing test = VNT RBD=receptor binding domain So corona vacc = 10-100 level, pfizer 100-5,000 level

COI Multiple but non relevant

General Disclaimer: Please note that the opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the positions of the Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry nor Barts Health NHS Trust and are not meant to be interpreted as personal clinical advice.

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    • Good point I don’t.know. hopefully anti virals will be approved soon. Iyou are probably young enough not to have acquired the co morbidities. We have alot of discussion of anti cD20 the imods are the most complex know there is a thought that the anti viral T cells may be in lymph nodes but they are not in the blood so how do they get to the lungs. So with CoVid in the mix is this the end for people taking s1p

  • I recently declined moving on to fingolimod, as recommended by my neurologist following a relapse. The lack of response to the covid vaccine & the rebound possibility we’re the two reasons that swung the decision for me. There were other parts about fingolimod that I liked & it wasn’t a decision I made lightly.
    However when I queried these concerns with my neurologist his replies were “well you’ve had 2 jabs” and “every ms treatment has rebound “. I couldn’t get any further information/reassurance from him. I also wondered why neurologists were actually recommending putting people on fingolimod at the moment, given the current stuation in the world.
    So I am extremely grateful to this blog for sharing information to help educate & inform us to make decisions about our health/bodies. Sometimes I think I may come across to my ms team as a bit of a smart 🍑….
    Thank you 👍

    • “every ms treatment has rebound” Your neuro is a disgrace and likely being paid by Novartis for giving such statement.

      • It’s frightening that you can’t trust your neurologist to make the best decision for you, isn’t it?
        I’ve had alot of dealings with haemotology this year & it’s never crossed my mind to query either the consultants or nurses. Completely trusted them & found it a completely different (infinitely better) experience.

        • Sorry if I read the subcontext wrong, are you suggesting being blindfolded is a better experience? Or you are saying the field of haemotology is better than MS?

          I want to trust my neuro, but if I’m offered an S1P modulator today without proper explaination how the decision is made there is no way I would be able to trust my MS team. Where I was born, Novartis created an entire country of Neurologists only offering Fingolimod/Siponimod, and they would refuse to prescribe rituximab for those requested and needed. Wish you all the best 🙂

  • As a pwMS on Fingolimod I feel totally abandoned by Novartis who’s silence says it all. Have to question my Neuro’s recommendation also, as I’m just recently diagnosed & started on Fingolimod only 5 months ago.

    • And the issues with Fingolimod were already well known and published. Sounds like your neuro hasn’t been keeping up to date (not a particularly uncommon situation).

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