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We are all aware this Blog has been deep cleaned from anything related to BartsMS, but hey here I am, as are NeuroDoc Gnanapavan with her fanbase, MD and his significant following, and then are Dr Smets, BartsMS doctor at large, and the more sporadic posters such as AdamsAcademic DrBenJ, and if you haven’t heard about his project I suggest you check here.

So, BartsMS is alive and kicking even though the blog doesn’t carry its name anymore, and we’ll keep this arm’s length but really friendly social distance going forward.

After this slightly meandering intro, here’s the latest iteration of our advice for pwMS in terms of SARS-CoV2 vaccinations, including comment on treatment at the end. Do discuss/comments, however bear in mind decisions are individual, and whatever you do it’s best to have a word with your care team as well. If this serves everybody as a platform for better informed decisions, then that’s a purpose.



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  • Thanks, it’s good that the blog is continuing, with expert and friendly faces. Thanks for posting the clarification.

  • Thanks alot for sticking around. This blog means alot to me (and many other PwMS). Knowledge is my primary coping-mechanism when it comes the disease, and frankly I need this blog to interpret (and find) the most recent research on topics of interest.
    Speaking of which, I’ll ask the same question as I have many times (because it’s very important to me): Is there still no data on whether the ”robust T-cell responses” to the covid-19 vaccines provides any real protection against severe disease?

  • Hi,

    So the blog has loosened links with Barts MS or are they totally severed? This change could lead to evolution.

    Have you thought about embracing other neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s?

    • Thought about other conditions….No and no plans to do so, we are an MS-related group…it would be simply too much effort.
      We were forced to abandon BartsMS as a title such that it is clear we are not an offical arm of either BartsHealth or Queen Mary. It had legal implications

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