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This month it is Thailand day so we have the Siamese fighting Fish

This is the count down to a new year and change…..

Sculptures from the East End of London

In the New Year this will appear Weekly such that the threads are manageable

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    • I ran out of mouse pictures as they closed the House of Mouse, maybe I should recycle an old one. Call it count.down for change

      • Those mouse puppet things gave me the creeps. A bit Jimmy Savilish.. Please keep them locked away in the shoebox under your bed.

          • Clowns, mime artists and Father Christmases in little grottos should all be prohibited from being near children. Finger bobs was a bit odd, but the presenter died last month so I won’t say anything more. Bagpuss was my favourite – no adult involved.

          • Ah, Rick Jones RIP. Was privileged to see him performing in his band Meal Ticket waaaaay back when. he was quite a character.
            Bagpuss good, though I lean more to the Clangers, all pretty hallucinogenic…………….

  • Still waiting for anti-cd20 treated vaccinated (but seronegative) data?
    If the data looks bad, do you think that will be the end of anti-cd20 as a go-to treatment for multiple sclerosis?

      • I search ‘The MS blog’ or Barts MS blog’, as I’ve always done and nothing shows up

        I have to scroll down until I find an old archived blog post to bring up the blog.

        Maybe it’s just me

        • You could google “Barts MS research blog” or “MS research blog” and this site pops up without scrolling, if you wish. At least it does for me.

          For thousands of years explorers and adventurers searched for a mythical spring which allegedly restored those who partook of it, the Fountain of Youth, of course.

          The good news is that there is a spring not residing in myth which actually can refresh quailities of health and healing. This spring is called knowledge. Is there another MS site in all the world which has revealed and dispersed information critical to the well-being of people with MS like this site? Not even close.

          For me and my dear, dear loved ones dealing with MS, this site has accomplished more practical good through dissemination of information than I can describe here. I say that with no hyperbole whatsoever.

          Pertaining to health, the Fountain of Youth is myth but the fountain of knowledge is reality. This site is like a fountain where people supplying it act as water dispersing the only real healing power I have discovered… knowledge and the practical application of it.

    • It used to come up near the top on my phone if I typed ‘ms research blog’ but now it doesn’t come up at all, something has changed. The bookmark on my laptop still goes to it ok though.

  • Dear Team
    I skipped the infusion of Ocrevus in September and got vaccinated for the third time instead. CD19/20 cells are repopulating (about 4% a month ago).
    I just got my antibody test result. The level is 29.7 BAU/ml. It’s not much but considered as positiv.
    I know it is still unclear what level is sufficient.
    Nevertheless, I wonder if this is enough. What do you think?
    Thanks for your work!

    • The paer by Khoury looks at levels and protection and this depends on the variant you are infected with. However now that you have a response you can boost it with a booster dose

  • This maybe one for the neuros if they would be so kind to answer.

    Patients with PPMS who are on Ocrevus, are there some patients who haven’t seen their MS progress since starting Ocrevus?

  • Regarding ATA188…will you share your top, maybe, 3 reasons for a more restrained enthusiasm than is being currently expressed by some? I will also accept your top 2 reasons if three is really just asking too much at this time. Sharing but one reason will be somewhat unsatisfying. Lack of response altogether may hurt my feelings…

    • I have yet to see the data published so it is very difficult to comment. In terms of enthusiasm if you have removed the root cause the question one asks are the effects being reports of sufficent magnitude. Are people being cured? One may also as has optimal treatment regmine been established

  • Hello,

    I’ve just started a 3rd year of Mavenclad. IThe decision was not based on definitive progression or new lesions on review, but based on some emerging evidence, suggested by neurologist, that a third year could have added potential benefit. I also wanted to to do it and understand the risks. My question is about how string the evidence is for an additional third year and whether (I know we could need a crystal ball) you think there could be a significant benefit based on the research we have? Are there any papers I can read on this that you know of? I’be be really happy if there is any additive effect and it helps me save more of my brain and spinal cord. Thank you.

    • Evert time you take he drug it will clear out lymphocytes hopefully not to an extent that you get very very low levels. I am not sure what evidence this is based on

  • If 100 percent of people with MS have EBV anti bodies.

    Are there any other viruses that are 100 percent present in people with MS?

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