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AnnonieMouse is a regular on the blog and has been regressing to someones childhood and is having a clear out

She is auctioning her stash of Lego on Ebay to raise a few bob for MS charity

Klaus Schmierer (@KlausSchmierer) / Twitter

This links to the ebay list

Lego theme   starting price

Pirates  £10 to £100

Click here

Castle £12 to £150

Click here

Star Wars £8 to £20

Click here

Airplanes £10 to £100

Click here

Indiana Jones and Adventurers £8 to £80

Click here

Town and Leisure £4 to £30

Click here

Cars and roads £5 to £10

Click here

Power Miners and Mars Mission £5 to £30

Click here

Games £10 to £50

Click here

+ Brick Separators £1

Link to ebay

Finally a link to Judy’s JustGiving page for those wishing to support the MS Society Stop MS campaign but don’t want any Lego!

JustGiving click here

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