555 – The number of the COVID beast


Woe to you, oh earth and sea
For the Devil sends the COVID beast with wrath
Because he knows the time is short

Let him and her who hath understanding reckon the number of the COVID beast
For it is a human number
Its number is five hundred and fifty-five

Not the the number of the Iron Maiden Beast but the number to help you against the COVID beast.

Think 5 days to get on molnupirapir and 5 days to get on paxlovid and get yourself on antibody ASP

If you are hospialtized you have 5 x 2 for Remdesivir

This is the time between symptom onset and the window when you can most easily get an anti COVID-19 anti viral. Wait too long and you won’t get them because if you wait too long they don’t work.

If you don’t have any comorbidities then that’s good news but if you do then do not delay because it is tick tick tick as time fizzles away.

You are at risk especially if you are taking anti-CD20 or sphingosine-1-phosphate. Because the chances are you haven’t made an anti viral response, if you have that information about the antibody responses tell the Doctor/Health care professional

If you have a co-morbidities this makes you more eligible for such agents

Remember test you oxygen levels and if it drops below 95 percent alarm bells should ring you may need oxygen and require hospitalisation and that may open the door to anti-virals.

You may currently need a PCR test to confirm positivity. Tick Tick Tick

Some people have had a PCR at kit sent so you are ready if symptoms strike.

If you haven’t had any contact….it is worth contacting your GP…..Yep call your GP….not us…to ensure that you are registered as vulnerable because you have Multiple Sclerosis.

Alternatively call 119 and tell them you have MS and need a priority kit

ProfK will write soon more information

So in the Word of the Scouts….

Dib Dib dib Dob Dob Do …Be prepared

Disclaimer: This is the opinion of the author and does not represent the opinion of any institution and I am not clinically qualified do not take this as advice. Do you homework to find the most up to date information

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  • tx – sotrovimab looks best option if you catch it? pretty efficient and it should give some time protection after infusion additionally? do you have a guess how long that could be?

    and as this study is about mice….do you know it and what would be your conclusion?
    some say T-cells through current vaccination options are useless…and we need more t-cell adapted ones
    thank you so much!

  • I am just going through this process at the moment. The first part was like a well oiled machine. Had a tickle in my throat, tested, positive – oh bugger. Slightly shocked as this is the second bought and was only testing as a precaution. Anyway, managed to get my PCR to the priority post box before 5pm so by the following day i had a positive PCR result. You’re supposed to wait 24 hours for someone to contact you but i thought i would force the issue. Contacted 111, they referred me to A and E (in York) to receive the treatment. This is great i thought, treated within 24 hours of symptom onset. Not to be. They dont administer treatments in York, the emergency GP didnt even know about them, so i was back playing the waiting game. After a lot of phonecalls i am now going for my IV infusion today (3 days after symptom onset). I question whether i actually need it as it has been pretty mild so far but wont be taking any chances as an anti CD20 patient. Overall, the process has been fairly reassuring and perhaps i complicated it by pushing too hard. However, i would say i was surprised over how few of the medical professionals that i spoke to actually knew this treatment option existed, let alone how to refer me for it. The 5 day clock ticks quickly and if you want the IV treatment then it will always be next day so it needs to be sorted by day 4. No offer of the pziser pill. Is this specific to certain HCP’s MD?

    • I had the Sotrovimab IV infusion last Friday. Only reason I was able to get it was because we had a vicious snowstorm & no one else would go out in it. The monoclonal antibodies are few & far between where I’m at. I sat at home thinking I should be ready to say goodbye as I lost my Dad recently to this. So my experience… Post infusion, I literally could visualize the war inside my body between the antiviral defense team & the viral offensive team. I could tell who was kicking butt at what particular day. It is still going back & forth. I wish you well. Make sure you hydrate up and stay hydrated. Have Tylenol by your side. Keep your lungs exercised. Get rest when needed as the later in day it gets, worse my symptoms are. Good news is a good rest overnight and I wake feeling like I am winning this one. Besides MS, I have T1d, mild to moderate asthma, difficulty moving about as well as I want to due to partial paralysis. I have had both vaccine Pfizer & the booster was Dec 1. I was not offered anything further than the Sotrovimab. I feel lucky to have gotten that as an hospitals were out here in New England.

      • Queen bee, thankful to hear you got monoclonal as there is No well oiled machine here. Just misinformation and maskless unvaccinated. Sending good thoughts for your speedy recovery and to any else who can’t escape Covid’s reach. The other bee, 😘

        • Thank you SueBee for your kind words! Not sure what its like in your state but here in Ma a lot of our cities are now implementing proof of vaccines for venues & restaurants, etc. My particular city is crazy though! My city alone is in the red with 1,247 active cases. 311 new cases just today. I never leave hardly except necessary errands & the billion Drs appts I have. I am triple vaxxed. And I am adamant about my mask wearing. Unfortunately I cannot control if my teen daughter catches it and brings home. She is on clinical for her medical classes at a Drs office, so she’s nervous everyday she’s there that she could end up bringing it home. Plus in high school academics every other week. Hoping you’re well & able to avoid this and stay safe. They said on news that (Omicron) has infected so many people now, that it’s running out of people to infect.

  • I received a home PCR test in case I am struck down and need to access treatment within the 5 day window. Is this not the case for all uk pwMS?

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