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If you’re a pwMS in the UK, make sure you have all questions to your neurologist answered by Tuesday since chances are, they will spend Wednesday – Friday in Harrogate meeting colleagues and friends at the annual meeting of the “ABN“. And given, you know, this is another one of those “first” F2F meetings since COVID-19 has – at least for now – stopped being the all dominant headline topic, I expect the turnout will be quite good, despite us grumbling Southerners having to travel all the way to North Yorkshire for some updates and catching up. The meeting is restricted to people registered with the GMC (and pockets to fork out >£400 registration fee), however you can view the programme here. I’ve inserted the titles of poster presentations below, highlighting those on MS:


ABN meetings are a place where colleagues, for obvious reasons, tend to go to bed late but also get up early so they don’t miss the early am sessions of the Special Interest Groups. There is, of course, one on neuroinflammation, and as you can glean from the programme, the session on this occasion is almost entirely dedicated to clinical trials – not a bad thing:

There is also an opportunity for you to see your neurologist in a different outfit from what they usually wear in clinic (though with remote clinics, some bad habits have kicked in…), and that is during the “fun run” on Friday morning. Again, it’s an early start, but if you want to chase them for your latest Copaxone prescription or DVLA form, here may be a chance for some doorstepping:


I’ll bring some ChariotMS t-shirts to the run for colleagues to spread the message – nobody should return home without at least one referral towards the currently 14 trial sites. Latest update here:

Disclaimer 1: ChariotMS (project reference 17/145/09) is funded by the Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation (EME) Programme, an MRC and NIHR partnership. The views expressed in this publication are those of the author(s) and not necessarily those of the MRC, NIHR or the Department of Health and Social Care. ChariotMS is further supported by the MS Society of Great Britain& Northern Ireland, National MS Society USA, Barts Charity and Merck Serono Ltd UK.

Disclaimer 2:  The opinions expressed on this Blog are those of the author and nobody else.


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  • Good luck presenting your two topics Prof. K!

    It must be both exciting and rewarding to discuss the long fought trials (i.e. AttackMS and ChariotMS) with your peers. Plus conferences generally offer a nice steak dinner and free drinks, so that always helps 😉

    Hope the information is well received and generates greater interest and participation.

    I know everyone that reads this blog appreciates all the hard work and dedication…….particularly when, sometimes as a pwms, I feel like not one Neuro has ever taken the time to care.

    Big THANK YOU.

    • Thank you Tommy, really appreciate it and will pass your comments on to my team. I always try to start our meetings with some positive news, and you’ll feature there – it is what keeps us on course doing what we feel is both evidence-based and the right thing to do. Only downside I don’t eat no steak, will tuck in some greens instead😉

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