Diamond Jubilee Could The Queen be a role model for Wheelchair users?


As we spend the weekend celebrating the Queens platinum jubilee or we spend the weekend celebrating having a holiday, I invite you to look around. Historically flags had a toggle on the top and a rope on the bottom (real good ones still do..see bottom picture), but eyelets have become the norm and then the conundrum. The US will be celebrating the forth of July but I doubt you will see this (below) too many times

or this

However, have a look around this weekend, and you see it over and over again, here and in the US. People would not dream of doing the above to the stars and stripes in the homes, shops and restaurants, but we do the same over and over again to the union flag.

It is upside down!.

As a pet peeve you will notice the diagonal has a red stripe (cross of St. Parick = Ireland) and a white stripe (cross of St Andrew = Scotland) and the red cross (Cross of St George=England, Wales doesn’t get a mention (Cross of St David is a yellow cross on black). But you will notice the white is not of equal size areound the red diagonal. The top is that the large white bit is on the top nearest the flag pole so the correct way is this.

The Union Jack (the Jack pole is on a Royal Navy Ship and this Union flag was flown at the front of a ship hence the name Union Jack. The Royal Navy ensign flies at the back)

Now the point of the postt

Now it is said that if you flag the Union Flag/jack upside down it is a marker of distress.

So did the nation have foresight and saw that the Queen could not turn up for the celebration events which I guess is distressing for her and the Royal Watchers. I suspect however that most do simply not know anything about flags and their country which is rather sad,

We are told that the Queen has mobility issues and I have been told (unsubstantiated) that out of the public eye she often uses a Wheelchair and this is reported in the press. It this is true would it have been a positive sign/role model to see our monarch, be like many of her people She could sit seeing the celebrations live event rather than sitting in Windsor Castle watching it on the tele. It is said she is too proud to be seen in a wheelchair I was and am very proud of seeing people in Wheel chairs

Hannah Cockroft (MBE) knows which way to fly the flag should we have toggles or write Top on them?

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  • I thought the exact same thing. She doesn’t want to be seen in a wheel chair. That’s a shame really.

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