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Perhaps this ia a provocative title and it is something that profG would enjoy. I know the MS nurses do an excellent job but they can only do so much in a day. Are nurse led peer groups something that you feel would be helpful and is the way you want to get scientifically proven knowledge. ProfG set up the blogs with the aim of providing such information however should it be “Nurse knows best”

Witzig-Brändli V, Lange C, Gschwend S, Kohler M. “I would stress less if I knew that the nurse is taking care of it”: Multiple Sclerosis inpatients’ and health care professionals’ views of their nursing-experience and nursing consultation in rehabilitation-a qualitative study. BMC Nurs. 2022;21(1):232. doi: 10.1186/s12912-022-01013-x.

Background: Nurses play a crucial role in the multidisciplinary team in the rehabilitation of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. However, little is known about patients’ and health care professionals’ (HCP) experiences (physicians, therapists) with nurses in rehabilitation. The aim of this qualitative study is (i) to describe the rehabilitation nursing care from the perspective of MS patients and HCPs and their view of a nursing consultations (ii) to elaborate similarities and differences of patients’ and HCP’s views.

Methods: We used a qualitative approach and selected the participants purposively. We conducted semi-structured individual MS patient (n = 15) and two focus groups interviews with HCPs (n = 8) in an inpatient rehabilitation clinic in Switzerland. We analysed the data using a structuring content analysis approach. First, we analysed patients’ and HCPs’ perspectives separately. Afterwards we elaborated similarities and differences descriptively.

Results: Main categories of patients’ perspectives were “need for nursing care” and “relationship between nurses and MS patient”. MS patients have mentioned the following points according to a nursing consultation: (i) nurses as advocates, (ii) involvement of relatives (iii) peer groups (iv) contact person. “Nurses in their scope of practice”, “nurses as a part of the multidisciplinary team” and “the specifications in the treatment of MS patients” were main categories of HCPs’ perspective. MS patients and HCPs demonstrated similarly the importance to have a nurse as a contact person in the multidisciplinary team and the need to integrate a nurse-led peer group in a nursing consultation. While HCPs prefer that relative always be included in nursing consultations, patients provided reasons when inclusion was not desirable.

Conclusion: The results indicate that continuity in the nursing care for MS patients could contribute to a trusting nurse-patient relationship. This facilitates nurses to create a deeper understanding of MS patients and their needs in daily rehabilitation. The need for MS patients to share their concerns and receive scientifically proven knowledge from peers could be addressed with a nurse-led peer group.

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  • This model of a nurse being on your MS team with a neurologist is not the default paradigm in the US. When the system is designed around billable codes, the nurse team member concept is not considered.

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