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A couple of weeks ago, I gave my Inaugural Lecture at Queen Mary University of London. For those who weren’t able to join on the day there is now a recording:

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  • Very entertaining and informative presentation. I am quite impressed my how much you were about to do in your relatively short career. Considering the fact that you also did it in a country that is not yours and nothing your mother tongue is even more impressive.
    Thank you for sharing and of course good luck without coming trials and your family in general.

  • Congratulations (belated).

    I’m grateful that you are running trials for those at the start of their MS journey and those at a later stage. I wish you luck.

    I note in your presentation that an MSer’s lifespan is, on average, reduced by 5-10 years. This stat underplays the seriousness of MS. While, on average, an MSer may die at c.70-75 years old, they will spend a long period of time restricted to a wheelchair, chair or bed. As you note in your presentation – really poor quality of life. Really need treatments to stop increasing disability for ever MS. I’m way passed Attack MS and too early for Chariot MS. You’re doing your bit, but other teams need to do something for those of us in the middle (EDSS 2 -6).

    • I think this life expectancy was based on pre-potent DMT…..There are lot sof others doing their bit, in the UK repair trials and there is soon to be the Octupus trial which is a multi-centre national set of trials

    • Thanks Beth, really appreciated. We’ve focussed on earliest and advanced manifestations of MS since there are the largest gaps, and potentially quite significant gains to make. pwMS @ EDSS 2-6 have been in the limelight for years, however more needs to be done to address underlying progression, we totally “get it” and therefore support a whole spectrum and depth of activities led by others as well, research & otherwise.

  • Thank you for the excellent lecture

    The AttackMS project is exciting. Hope it works and changes the way MS is treated. Actually I’m surprised such a trial has never been done.
    It won’t help those of us who are already affected, but it may help our children and grandchildren.

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