CD20…I asked the question…Answer it’s like a spot of dust.


As you know I have been on the the trail of asking about CD20 treatment and how does it work?

I had an option to ask the question. How do anti-CD20 antibodies work?

I took the suggestions presented to and added a few more.

Is it:

(1) Depletion of cytokine secreting B cells

(2) Depletion of antigen-presenting B cells activating T cells

(2a) Depletion/inhibition production of Th1/Th17 CD4 T cells following antigen presentation by B cells

(2b) Depletion/inhibition of production of CD8 T cells following antigen presentation by B cells

(3) Depletion of pathogenic T cells expressing CD20

(3a) Depletion of CD20 T cells, typically CD8, that make CD20 antigen

(3b) Depletion of CD20 T cells that nibble it off a B cell whilst being activated

(4) Depletion of antibody production

(5) Depletion of B cell follicles within the brain

(6) Depletion of EBV reservoire in B cells

Rather than ask for proof for the above. I asked What evidence is there that suggests these possibilities may not be likely?

Some ideas were shot down in flames…fair-enough I had already put my blow torch on them….so why suggested? Maybe to keep up the confusion. For the favourites evidence against wasn’t given…but it may be there for some…..but maybe if you wriggle enough you can get the answer you want…but is it the right one

The others answers gave a road to find the target in MS.

It seems the answer is a like a spec of dust. (Yep that’s cryptic).

We can discuss this when it hits the scientific newstands. Why didn’t I think of that.?

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  • My bet is 6. This is how Cladribine works according to the drug company literature pictures. It explains how AHSCT works, and why it doesn’t require an allograft (donor cells). It explains why Alemtuzumab works. Occam‘s razor requires that the hypothesis with the least number of assumptions is usually correct and as so many MS treatments could work via this pathway, it stands to reason that it’s correct.

  • MD,

    There’s a randomness about your recent posts which suggests you’ve fallen off the wagon (an old phrase which means he’s back boozing again).

    Please sober up, have a shower, and put together some posts that have a beginning, middle and end. I’m fed up with the recent crystal maze posts.

    For the rest of the weekend can I suggest:

    Saturday – walk along the river Lea, fish & chips for supper, early night (quick cuddle with Mrs Mouse);

    Sunday – put the clocks forward, read newspapers in bed (another quick cuddle with Mrs Mouse), call Welsh Mouse (retirement can be lonely), Sunday roast, watch England game;

    Monday – head off to Barts and do some proper MS research ie stop asking questions and start coming up with answers.

    Monday lunchtime – quick chat with Prof G. Ask him why he’s always off abroad to attend academic meetings and you never go outside the M25.

    Best wishes


    • Thanks for the advice…tomorrows post will help you to understand. Are you sure your name is not Bob…?

      If you dont ask the right questions you cant hope to get the answer

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