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Does true patient consent exist? – YES

We are asked to provide our consent numerous times a day in this era of GDPR. Every time we visit a new website, we mindlessly consent to cookies that will track our internet activity and know which advertisements to flash on our social media. Patient informed consent is a recent concept. It became formally recognised in medical treatment in the 1950’s1and more seriously considered in research in...

Why don’t people take part in MS research?

Randomised control trials (RCT) can be challenging for researchers to recruit for. You need eligible, consenting participants who ideally can be retained throughout the study. It’s essential to have an appropriate sample size to ensure the study’s validity. How can patient and public involvement (PPI) help to improve research recruitment? In this study, Dwyer et al. (2021) conducted a qualitative...

The MS Blog Update – Your Reponses

This MS Blog has been around since 2009, started by Prof G. But he isn’t in charge of the blog, he is one of many contributors. As of May 2021, there were over 9,200 published posts. Each month, the website sees 50% new and 50% returning visitors, with over 88,000 page views a month. Most readers are from the UK, US, Canada and across Europe.  In April, the blog went through...



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