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Virtual MS clinics: The perks of being a digital nomad!

Neurology clinics anno 2020. Source: As you might have experienced yourself when contacting your GP or consultant, the only tide that unfortunately has been turned so far is the NHS going fully digital. This means that I and all other Bart-MS consultants have been relying heavily – as in 99% of our clinic encounters – on virtual clinics to reach out to our MS patients since March 2020...

Confessions of an ECTRIMS fellow: what I really learned during my BartsMS fellowship

As you might have captured in one of my preceding blog posts, I’m relatively new to the MS research blog. There is a logical explanation for this: I only started to work at BartsMS in November 2019. With the purpose of converting me in an MS-ologist, I was one of the fortunate people to receive a clinical fellowship grant from the European MS association ‘ECTRIMS’.   The preceding ten...

Neurofilaments: from a two towards a three-layered cake!

We are happy to announce that our new paper on how to use cerebrospinal fluid neurofilament light chain (CSF NfL) in daily clinical practice has appeared online (open access) in the journal of Neurology Neuroimmunology and Neuroinflammation.  In this paper, we have documented how the BartsMS team is already using for more than four years NfL values obtained with a lumbar puncture to advise...



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