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The 1st anti-plasma cell drug in MS. What should you ask?

SIZOMUS is a short name for “Safety of IxaZOmib targeting plasma cells in MUltiple Sclerosis” I first became the study Clinical Research Fellow on the “SIZOMUS” clinical trail last year. Instantly my brain filled up with questions. I thought I’d go straight to the horse’s mouth for the answers and sought out the two lead study investigators – Prof...


Mama Always Said, Life Was a Box of Chocolates. You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get – Forrest Gump, 1994  A few years back Prof G, whilst talking about MS at a conference was approached by Takeda Pharmaceuticals on whether we would be interested in targeting plasma cells; probably one of the last frontiers in MS. The ideas started spinning from there. Roll forward...

The Plasma cell story – how MS begins and ends

In 1875, a famous German scientist; Wilhelm Gottfried Waldeyer Hertz, described an immune cell with a large cytoplasm (the space within the cell aside from the nucleus), he was the first to name it the “plasma cell”. We now know that this large cytoplasm hosts a production line that is solely dedicated to antibody formation (up to 10,000 molecules per second per cell). They account for less than...



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