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MSexism take two: The Mystery of the Missing Authors

Recently this blog featured an eye-opening article written by our guest blogger Rachel, about gender inequality in the world of multiple sclerosis, from a patient’s point of view. It’s well worth a read. She also outlines just how few women feature on academic panels. And this investigation has now been taken further, with an analysis of authors on academic papers. This post is a rewriting of an...

Guest Post: Language and MS: Why Our Words and Stories Matter

Question. Those with multiple sclerosis: do you remember the exact words your neurologist used to break the news of your diagnosis? And those on the other side: MS neurologists and health professionals. Can you recall the most difficult conversation you’ve had with someone with MS and the words you used? Thought so. Words matter in medicine – especially with a disease like multiple...

Guest post: MSexism

Is the MS world biased against women? Another week – another news headline about how women are paid less than their male counterparts. This time it is consultants working in the NHS – and Jeremy Hunt, the UK Health Secretary, has vowed to tackle the pay gap. So what does this have to do with multiple sclerosis? A lot, I believe. By paying women consultants less than men, society is...

The case for physician assisted dying – one MSer’s view

If reading about death and MS is too difficult for those of you with the disease, please skip this piece. I do not want to offend or hurt anyone. This is just my view. Over the past few months, the BartsMS blog has published views on legally assisted dying from two neurologists who specialise in treating those with multiple sclerosis. Prof Giovanonni writes he wants legally assisted suicide in...



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