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MS-STAT2 – Simvastatin for Secondary Progressive MS

Thank you to Prof. G, MouseDoctor and the Barts MS team for letting us reach out to you about the MS-STAT2 study! Are you interested in taking part? We would love to have you involved! Follow the link for more details and to register your interest: MS-STAT2 – What is it? The MS-STAT2 study is a 3 year clinical trial testing whether high dose simvastatin can slow down the rate of...

John O’Groat’s to Land’s End – Done!


The stats:

Distance – in the end it worked out to just over 900 miles
Elevation climbed – 52,645 feet (everest = 29,029!)
Hours in the saddle – 66 hours, 10 mins
Money raised for the MS society – £1246.07 (and counting!)

Many thanks for all your support! Think it’s going to take a few days for my legs to recover…

John O’Groat’s to Land’s End – Day 9

Been a bit wet in the west country: Had to make a number of detours to get round flooded roads. At least the sun shone for a bit! Thank you to the farmers who let me hide in their sheds during the multiple downpours in the afternoon… Forecast for day 10 – X marks my spot… Met Office, Yellow Warning – “gusts of 50-60 mph are possible inland and as much as 75 mph along...

John O’Groat’s to Land’s End – Day 7

A full week in… Looks like I should make Land’s End by Friday.

A beautiful sight:

Why? Because it was about the only hill I saw today, and it was a long way off. Thank you Shropshire! A little rest for the legs.

Forecast for tomorrow – heavy rain and wind…


Massive gate or tiny horses?

(It can be difficult to keep yourself entertained during a 6 hour cycle…)

John O’Groat’s to Land’s End – Day 3 + 4

350 miles from John O’Groats Apologies for no update yesterday… I was too busy cowering by a fire all evening trying to dry out. It is alleged that Lance Armstrong lied about his doping for years during his cycling career… As this is all for charity, I feel I should come clean from the start – day 3 was the start of my cycle doping… My knees are now entirely...

John O’Groat’s to Land’s End – Day 2

188 miles from John O’Groats Lots of miles to Land’s End… I take it all back – the sun does exist in Scotland! Loch Oich But does the sun do anything? Despite the great weather, the BBC reported the UV index along my route today as 1. The following chart plots the average UV index from the Stirling weather centre (central Scotland) over the last 2 years. Even in the summer...



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