I normally do “Covid breakfast” so you can have an informative chuckle whilst chomping on your cornflakes. I put this out after the water shed…as it is a bit creepy….Why would you want to know if you are shedding COVID-19 related virus from your lady bits, whilst you are on oxygen/ a ventilatorand seriously ill….Is some sicko thinking this is the best time for a bit...

A #MSCOVID19 reality check

Are you aware of how the COVID-19 pandemic is going to play out? People are being lulled into a sense of security that over the next 2-3 months the pandemic and mini-epidemics in each country and region will be over and things will start to return to normal. This is not correct.  The current strategy is to flatten the curve and extend the tail of the epidemic. What this means is that the...

DrAngry has been making more AngryMasks

Our attempt to get back in the lab has been foiled by …let’s not go there….so much for the National Effort eh. Shame is, we could probably have had our first prototype screen made and up and running by now (Our new alemtuzumab assay – start of design to working assay in enough quality for 500,000 people in 2 weeks, one person..OK to run the assay we would need more people...

Q&A April 2020

Q & A. If you have questions related to COVID-19 please go to the Microsite that Prof G has set up…you will get your answers there (See above).

Flowers and an AngryMask. Feb 14 comes late to Our House Hold…She gave me the Virus, bet it was just a Rhinovirus (Cold)

Questions for MS…Here

Induction verse Escalation

There is still MS research going on and this says that its better to use a higher effective drug than an CRAB. Cyclophosphamide is a a drug that creates DNA breaks and kills dividing cells like cells in your intestine, your hairand some of your lymphocytes and mitoxantrone that is similar and kills dividing cells via a different mechanism. The newever induction or should we say immune...

COVID Breakfast… Lymphopenia the Bog roll effect.

Some people with MS drugs have low levels of white blood cells. This is causing some alarm that you can’t fight infection. I am sure we you can appreciate that is Immunology 101. Something can’t fight something if it is not there. If we look at people who get covid 19. Those who get severe problems have low white blood cells in their blood. This has been repeated in a number of...

The Great Debate at the Neurology Academy

The ABN guidelines are suggesting that most high efficacy DMTs are treated the same. The MS Academy hosted a debate on 31 March 2020 to discuss whether ocrelizumab and cladribine should be treated in the same way as alemtuzumab in terms of risk of #COVID19. Alemtuzumab = cladribine = ocrelizumab If you have an hour on your hands the debate between ProfK and ProfB is here. COI: Multiple Apologises...

It’s T time

Its T time. If you want to learn about Th17, which some people imply are important for autoimmunity. I suppose the thing lacking was discussion of why inhibition of IL-17 (Th17 cytokine) and IL12/23 (producers of TH1 cytokines

Transcriptional Regulators of T Helper 17 Cell Differentiation in Health and Autoimmune Diseases. Capone A, Volpe E. Front Immunol. 2020 Mar 12;11:348.

#MSCOVID19. Am I lucky to be on a DMT?

I think the current view is that the COVID19 disease is a disease of two stages. Stage I. Viral removal by the innate immune system notably the monocyte/macrophage and also perhaps CD8 T cells abit later. These cells are working to get rid of the virus, whilst the virus is trying to evade this immune attack. The balance of this determines what may happen next. It seems that for most people the...

COVID Breakfast-Transmission

Yesterday in there comments there was a discussion about transmission of COVID 19 but droplets. So today on April First here is another other route of potential transmission. Ths is via a; A stool The ACE2 receptor used by SARS-CoV-2 virus to infect the lung also occurs in the intestine. So not only can it come out of your lungs, but out of the other end too (click). SARS-CoV-2 enters...



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