Adios to Adios….is DoDo going to be a Dodo?

Many years ago ProfG or should I say influenerG:-) as ProfG was introducted as the “Social Media influencer” at the At the Limits 2023 meeting yesterday, came up with the idea of the DoDo (Double dose) ocrelizumab trial as non-petite people did not deplete their B cells that well and showed more progression. He also came up with the Adios trial idea can’t remember what the adios...

Where does MS stand compared to other autoimmune disorders?

We often discuss MS in isolation to other autoimmune disorders, but how does it stack up against them? Given the choice if you were a woman of childbearing age and knowing the relative risks of childbirth which is the ‘safest’ autoimmune disorder to have? In the Table below (Table 1) you can see the figures from the Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors Study (GBD)...

Understarters Orders…A remyelination study

You know that I’m not that bothered with these “this is my new clinial trial” papers but it let’s you know what is happenening and it may help the trials to recruit people. This is a remyelination study so I thought that you may be interested as its not all about relapses. However, unfortunately you will have to wait for the results Re-WRAP (Remyelination for women at risk...

Cure of the Week

There have been a number of requests to make a comment on a recent post about “reverse vaccines” that programme the treatment to go to the liver to turn off the immune response. I could put a link but all that happens is the authors follow the altmetric and come to the blog and if I don’t gush about it they get abit miffed. So best not bother but simply to say if you made the...

New Kids on the Block

Yesterday we had the pleasure of meeting Amy and the Team for the Launch of a New Charity called MS-together. ( This centres on Young People with MS…including “Queenagers”

We wish them every success in their new adventure

BartsMS Away Day

Some familiar Faces…..Some Not…….Some Couldn’t make it….Some Gone….Someone’s First Day..

A clue…………………………………Welcome Ester

It is not often we get together to see what changes we can make and whats round the corner.

Twenty Years of Banging your Head against a Brick Wall

Yep the title has nothing really to do with the paper today, but it asks a question about escalation and high efficacy agents. I think FFS, how long is it going to take before this sinks in. That Pharma are doing trials against the Lower Efficacy Therapeutic agents knowing that their new drugs will succeed…..asks “Why are we still using this escalation approach knowing that there is a...

Do you have that NAGging feeling you’re off to the online Chemist

N-Acetylglucosamine (GlcNAc) is an amide derivative of glucose  it is part of chitin which forms the skeletions of insects and the cell wals of bacteria from fungi. O-GlcNAcylation is the process of adding a single N-acetylglucosamine sugar to amino acids in proteins and is a means of activating or deactivating enzymes or transcription factors. But I am sure it is the...

Natalizumab under the skin, saves time for the health care system.

Natalizumab has come out of patent and gneric natalizumab is arriving, so what do you you do? Yep you reformulate for subcutaneous (injected under the skin) delivery. The manufacturers of ocrelizumab have also looked at the different routes. Ofatumumab is an antibody delivered once a month under the skin at home. Is this the plan for natalizumab? Well no at present you have to go into hospital...

Why are we still discussing Teriflunomide?

Teriflunomide is what I call a dark horse in the DMT family, doesn’t get much air time but every clinical trial of a new agent trumpets its success without meaning to. For example, it’s brain atrophy data makes the anti-CD20s look inadequate, it’s safety profile (despite the overzealous monitoring required by the regulatory authorities) is good, plus you can get rid of the...



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