EBV in Germany, is this the answer?

EBV, vitamin D and genetics are probably some of the most commonly reported risk factors for MS. All studies report these in terms of hazard ratios comparing occurrence in the exposed versus non-exposed individuals. Hazard ratio (HR) = (risk of outcome in one group)/ (risk of outcome in another group) An HR of 1 therefore means lack of association, a hazard ratio of greater than 1 suggests an...

Does MS affect your baby?

There is little information out there on the effect of MS on a baby born to a mother with MS. Previous reports have noted a greater occurrence of pre-term delivery in mothers taking disease-modifying drugs (DMDs), as well as more C-sections and instrumental delivery. Anaemia and a greater occurrence of UTI has also been reported. In a review of 211 MS pregnancies in Italy comprising of foetal...

Time to needing financial support in MS due to disability

We know that delays in treatment affects long-term prognosis in MS; this is modelled around time to next relapse and disability progression. We also have a lot of data on the impact of MS on employment and socioeconomic status, but what is less well studied is the impact of delayed treatment on this. The time to requiring disability pension was studied in the Danish multiple sclerosis registry...



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