Association of British Neurologists (ABN) meeting 2022

The ABN meeting took place this year in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and was well attended by neurologists and pharma colleagues alike. The Town is very familiar to MD (aka. Prof David Baker) who has come through it all without any visible misgivings. The meeting was packed with a lot of discussions on current and upcoming MS clinical trials, service provision in the UK and treatment guidelines on...

A call to arms, your upper limbs

ChariotMS is gaining traction, however not yet quite to the degree we would have liked. As you may remember, our trial milestones had to be revised, and our immediate target was to enrol 60 people with advanced MS (pwAMS) by the end of June, and we called this our “60:6 challenge”. At the time we took the decisions, it looked like a realistic plan. However, setting up trial sites for...


AttackMS was conceived on the 29th of Nov 2017 over a beer or two (or was it Elderflower?) at the Lago Maggiore. Prof Jeremy Hobart (Plymouth), ProfG and I sat down on the eve of the annual meeting of the European Charcot Foundation in Baveno, and I said something along the lines of: “Why don’t we treat MS with highly effective disease modifying treatment (HE-DMT) at first...



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