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We have created a specific COVID19 & MS Microsite to curate relevant information for people with MS and their families. The site is being updated on a daily basis. Please use this site to ask clinical questions related to COVID-19 or use the form below. Please note the answers to questions will then appear on the COVID-19 & MS site. Thanks.


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Q&A March

Today is Saint David’s day and I should be showing a picture of a bunch of daffodils (National Flower of Wales, in addition to the Leek), but instead you get a bunch of tulips for MsMouse

If you want to ask a question this is the place for you.

Affordable DMTs

My post on the ‘Damp Squib’ has upset several close colleagues. I need to explain my reasons for doing it; the main one being is that I am very frustrated that change happens so slowly, whereas shit happens so quickly. The catalyst for our Barts-MS off-label initiative was my sabbatical 5 years ago and kicked-off with a blog post I did on the 3rd October 2014. I am ashamed that it is now 5 years...

HSCT and fake news

I post to manage expectations and counteract fake news.  There is a group of pro-HSCTers going around and saying HSCT is a cure for MS even in MSers with more advanced disease, i.e. it halts and reverses their disability. This is simply not correct and we have no published, peer-reviewed, data to support their position.  The meta-analysis below from Paulo Muraro and colleagues clearly...

Building a Rocket

As I write this I am on the way back from an ‘atypical’ summer holiday with my family. We spent a week in the ‘Oude Land’, South Africa, celebrating my mother in law’s 80th Birthday and then a week in the subtropics for some warm sunshine. The internet access was dismal, which was a good thing that allowed me to switch-off, sleep, eat, exercise, think, relax and recharge my batteries. ...

Happy Happiness Day

This the first of our Barts-MS non-personalised, more factual, blog posts. We, Barts-MS, hope you will find this format more agreeable. Happiness is associated with better health outcomes, which may apply to people living with MS and their families. More research needs to be done in this area before any definitive statements can be made in relation to applying happiness therapy as part of the...



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