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You asked for abit of Art and so I give you a picture from the Leeds Bear Hunt. This one is entitled “Gods Own Country” They are on auction and this one was made by someone I know. The auction will raise cash for Local Hospitals If you are in London You can hunt a Morph. Morph was an animated charceter that appeared in 1977 in Take Hart a BBC childrens show and was a for runner of...

Q&A June and Thanks from ProfAngry

Just a thank you to anybody who contributed to ProfA’s sponsored Ride about London and Essex. He reached his target thanks to your help The ride was 100 miles plus the ride from home to central London to the start and back He went into the country Never looked lost….Afterall its Chingford Lane close to the Leyton triangle Then back to the ‘Smoke’ (an old name for London)...

Q&A May

Want to ask a questionn this is the place for you

Please support ProfAngry in his London Ride….He has been practising and will soon ride around the Smoke to raise support for MS.

Any donations will be grateully recieved.

MS at the Limits Conference 2022

Apologies to those who couldn’t get access to this conference last year online. We now have a recording of the online session chaired by ProfK and myself, with three great speakers across the globe (Professor Bibiana Bielekova, NIH; Professor Frederick Barkhof, ION; Mark Vessels, VuMC) discussing their work. Looking back at the session now in 2023, I do believe this raps up 2022 nicely!



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