Under&Over: we need your help

Since being hit by a motorbike travelling at high speed and nearly losing my life or independence I now have personal experience of the value of physical neurorehabilitation. When I say #UseItOrLoseIt I really mean it. So if you have more advanced MS and are using a walking stick (EDSS 6.0) we want you to enrol in a #CitizenScience type study in which we are testing a new hand and arm activity...

Why would you make a comic book about that?

Things neurologists don’t expect to hear during a consultation, example #327: “I’ve made a comic book about having MS, and you appear as a character on the first page! Can I send you a copy?” But that is exactly what I said to Prof K last time we met. And here is that first page: I know he doesn’t really look anything like that. I don’t have an enormous Mohican either. And more importantly, I...

New study testing an upper limb rehab tool – get involved!

The Barts MS team are running a study, investigating whether a new hand and arm activity called “Under & Over” can improve upper limb function for people with MS. The study is titled: “Under & Over: A controlled study to develop an upper limb rehabilitation tool for people with Multiple Sclerosis.”  This study is now recruiting – find out more information on the...

Bed to 5km Challenge

It’s officially over! Prof G and Dr Ruth, paired-up this afternoon for a socially-distanced 5-km walk around Brockwell Park in South London. This officially completes Prof G’s ‘Bed to 5-km Challenge’ to help raise money for Dr Ruth’s and Dr Angray’s COVID-19 antibody study. The good news is that the Barts-MS team through ‘Prof G’s virtual NYC...

#MSCOVID19: round-2 a series of webinars

I would like to say thank you, thank you and thank you for your kind donations towards the Barts-MS coronavirus antibody study. With gift aid, we have now passed the £10,000 milestone and will be able to start the first phase of the study. This is great news. To raise the additional money I won’t be running a double-marathon, but we have taken up your suggestion of hosting a series of...

#MSCOVID19: Fundraising

Two months ago we floated the concept of doing a UK-wide seroprevalence study in UK residents with MS to see how many had seroconverted to become anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibody positive and to see if there are differences in seroconversion rates between people on different DMTs.  The motivation was based on a prediction that people with MS on ocrelizumab would have lower titres of anti-SARS-CoV-2...

COVID-19 & MS Microsite

We have created a specific COVID19 & MS Microsite to curate relevant information for people with MS and their families. The site is being updated on a daily basis. Please use this site to ask clinical questions related to COVID-19 or use the form below. Please note the answers to questions will then appear on the COVID-19 & MS site. Thanks.


CoI: multiple

Q&A March

Today is Saint David’s day and I should be showing a picture of a bunch of daffodils (National Flower of Wales, in addition to the Leek), but instead you get a bunch of tulips for MsMouse

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