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Are nutritional supplements a waste of money?

Do you take dietary supplements? If yes, are you prepared to review what you are taking and ask yourself if you need to spend the money taking something that is not supported by any evidence? In the US the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently announced measures to regulate dietary supplements. The FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said: “It’s clear that the US Food and Drug...

Supporting the NHS & social medicine

Why don’t you support private prescribing and HSCT abroad? The social media response to yesterday’s Barts-MS Hangout on HSCT has been rather mixed. A lot of commentators are being critical of us for creating too many hurdles regarding the access to HSCT and that we shouldn’t stop our patients going abroad for treatment. From my perspective, going abroad or to private units in the UK for...

HSCT Hangout

By popular demand, our first Barts-MS live hang-out tonight (23rd January 2019), from 17h30 to 18h00, will be on HSCT. The live hangout will accessible via this link,  or it can be viewed below. It will automatically be recorded to YouTube so you can watch it later if the time slot is unsuitable for you. If you watch on YouTube you will be able to ask questions using the YouTube chat...

Barts-MS Hangout

The following are the results of our recent survey about doing a regular hangout for our readers. Based on these results the MouseDoctor and I will be doing a live hang-out together on Wednesday night, 23rd January 2019 from 17h30 to 18h00. The live hangout will accessible via this link and will be recorded to YouTube so you can watch it later. We are still mulling over the final topics that we...

The next generation

Training the next generation of MSologists is one of my priorities. I helped arrange and teach on the Pan-London Calman Specialist Registrar (SpR) teaching day yesterday. It was great to see so many young trainee neurologists attending; thank you. And to the speakers for giving up their time to teach and inspire the next generation of neurologists to become MSologists; thank you. I hope you all...

Barts-MS Hangouts 2019

Reconnecting in 2019! As we will not be hosting a large MS Research Day in 2019 (it is not our turn) we propose taking up the challenge, as suggested by one of our blog commentators, and doing regular online hangouts. Hangouts are an easier and cheaper version of a physical meeting. We need your thoughts on whether or not this is needed and the format of the hangouts. Thanks. ...

South Devon Information Day

The talks from the South Devon MS Information Day are now online. 

Professor Jeremy Hobart

Professor Gavin Giovannoni

Dr Klaus Schmierer

Dr Rachel Farrell

Rod Middleton, MS Register 

Dr Djordje Gverik, MS Tissue Bank

George Pepper

Dr Colin Bannon

Dr Agne Straukiene

At the Limits the videos

At the Limits 2018 videos are now online and you can see ProfG loosing the argument about treating early and you look at the state of play of stem cell therapy…. Waych Prof Karussis present on Mesenchymal stem cell transplantation in MS,  but just look at the EAE data and see how poor the efficacy really is! Remember that current DMT can wipe these types of response out.  Zero...

The logic of GA

Eskyte I, Manzano A, Pepper G, Pavitt S, Ford H, Bekker H, Chataway J, Schmierer K, Meads D, Webb E, Potrata B. Understanding treatment decisions from the perspective of people with relapsing remitting multiple Sclerosis: A critical interpretive synthesis.Mult Scler Relat Disord. 2018 Nov 17;27:370-377. doi: 10.1016/j.msard.2018.11.016. BACKGROUND: Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic...

A sneak peak at the blog’s makeover. What do you think?

The Bart-MS blog is getting a brand new makeover. And we want to hear your thoughts about it. Why the change? We listened to some common problems from our readers and talked about what was and wasn’t working for authors and guest bloggers too. Here are the main things we came up with: It’s too difficult to find past posts. You have to rely on the search function. The search function...



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