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Guidelines for Off-label drugs

This is open access so you can tell me what you think of this? Do you understand the process? Piggott T, Nonino F, Baldin E, Filippini G, Rijke N, Schünemann H, Laurson-Doube J. Multiple Sclerosis International Federation guideline methodology for off-label treatments for multiple sclerosis. Mult Scler J Exp Transl Clin. 2021 Dec 7;7(4):20552173211051855. doi: 10.1177/20552173211051855...

Shout Out..Get Ebaying

AnnonieMouse is a regular on the blog and has been regressing to someones childhood and is having a clear out She is auctioning her stash of Lego on Ebay to raise a few bob for MS charity This links to the ebay list Lego theme   starting price Pirates  £10 to £100 Click here Castle £12 to £150 Click here Star Wars £8 to £20 Click here Airplanes £10 to £100 Click here Indiana Jones...

ProfG past posts are on MS Selfie site

For those of you who are interested and horrified. ProfG has moved all his posts on to his MS selfie web site

Disclaimer: Please note that the opinions expressed there are those of Prof Giovannoni and do not reflect the positions of the Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry nor Barts Health NHS Trust or Queen Mary Univeristy of London.

News Flash One year-On

The curse has struck again and so can the witch with the pins please remove them from our voodoo dolls. I am sure you will all want to wish Dr Ide Smets a swift recovery as she too was hit by a motor vehicle…yep a car…whilst out running. She will be undergoing surgery to fix the damage to her arm, but please be patient if there are comments from her post thaat go un answered. Maybe we...

(Not) All change

Following on from the sad news about ProfG’s farewell from the Blog, the team will evaluate how best to move forward. We wish ProfG well as he continues with his rehabilitation and refocussing of activities. There is always a place for him to return in the future, so here’s an open invitation for the occasional guest post… Please bear with us whilst we’re engaging in some...

Olympics Over…Paralympics Begins ProfK gets Gold for Marathon, after crossing the line…the starting line……..First person in!

Every week we get a news letter of Queen Mary in the News….they forget to mention the times when we are on the naughty-list but this week we should celebrate the marthon win for ProfK. He has been running this marathon since about 2012 and has managed to get cladribine trial (ChariotMS) over the line in 2021 and the first person has been recruited to the trial………..only...

MD Merch

After my post you have asked about the Merch. Although they are all drawn by me, to avoid any copyright claims, e.g. the original felt model was made by the House of Mouse, the merch is used as a gift, so they are limited edition and often bespoke. Believe it or not the T shirt shop that houses all my designs have updated their software due to the down fall of “Flash” and has...

Congratulations to Professor Alan Thompson

The MS-Blog would like to congratulate Professor Alan Thompson on receiving the MSIF’s 2021 Charcot Award. Professor Alan Thompson is Dean of the Faculty of Brain Sciences at UCL in the UK and a well-known MS researcher. The Charcot Award recognises a lifetime of achievement in outstanding research into understanding and treating MS. Congratulations!

Why the name…MD?

This weekend I did a joke that fell abit flat….I suggested that Aaron Booster…..the Amish/Pilgrim Neuro:-) OK maybe not….but look at the the beard and sideburns.(Just realised it is just a beard but different hair colour on the chin)…:-), had joined the fold as ProfK had tweeted about Aaron Boster MD…You may think it is Medical Doctor. But I suggested it said it was...



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