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#MSCOVID19 Newsflash. Early data on vaccine responses appears.

Good news for cladribine, not so good for ocrelizumab and fingolimod Data has surfaced today at an International MS meeting on the impact of MS disease modifying treatments and it looks like it is supporting the biology. As presented by Dr Anat Archirion from Israel and as anticipated from past vaccination data, there was a poor (less than 20%) seroconversion (assessed using the Eurimmune Ig...

Rehab update: taking back control

Barts-MS rose-tinted-odometer: ★★★★★ After my life-threatening accident last year I returned to work on the 1st of February against the advice of many people. I thought getting back to work would help with my overall rehabilitation. Yes, in the sense that commuting to work and adapting my exercise programme to fit in with my workday would help my recovery. But no in the sense that my energy...

Preventive Neurology

Prof G is the co-director of the Preventive Neurology Unit, Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine, and will now be dedicating most of his academic time to this activity; in particular the prevention of MS. Any blog posts in relation to #MSPrevention will now be posted on his preventive neurology blog, for example, today’s post on smoking and MS prevention.

MS charities – beyond the pale

UK MS charities say they represent all people with the disease. But how can they – with so little ethnic and racial diversity at the top? Take a look: “Representation is important,” says Dr Sharmilee Gnanapavan, consultant neurologist at Barts Health NHS Trust. “When people don’t see this, they’ll likely bypass it.” And that representation – judging...

BartsMS off to the Excel for a Jab: Information confirmed

Heads up! To all with MS, on immunotherapies, heading to the Excel Centre in London for your 2nd jab… As soon as you arrive tell a staff member so you will get taken to the front of the line… and not have to wait for ages. I think where every you go, do the same. This advice from Rachel has been confirmed by Sarah (Both Blog Readers). Thanks to them for that. Spread the word by your...

MS and the Inverse Care Law at 50

Barts-MS rose-tinted-odometer: ★ Variation in access to good medical care and better outcomes has never been higher in high-income countries such as the UK. Variation is simply a euphemism for inequality. The MS community in the UK realised this a few years ago, which prompted us to launch our ‘Raising the Bar’ initiative to address inequality in access to healthcare for people with MS living in...

Progressive MS podcast

Barry Singer’s MS Living Well Podcast on progressive MS in which he interviews Mark Webb, MS patient advocate, Head of Comms at & Prof G, neurologist, at Barts-MS.

If you are interested there are many more other interesting podcasts on the MS Living Well platform that covers all things MS.

Prof G’s final update

Barts-MS rose-tinted-odometer: ★★★★★ Despite posting an update on my progress just a few weeks ago I am still getting daily texts, emails and social media messages about how my rehab is going. So here is my final update. Once you are over the initial 4-6 weeks after polytrauma things, at least in terms of improvement, slow down a lot. So not much has actually changed in the last three weeks since...

COVID-19 has advantages for Lab meetings. Is ProfG Blue?

It has been the coldest day in London than I every remember is ProfG going blue with the cold. Not that I saw, he was a at home in his civvies looking well. As you know two things have happened this year that has reduced ProfGs air miles/Mileage plus. Maybe he will be dropped from being a Gold member to being a BA blue. I will never forget a meeting I think it was in milan that we had we were in...

Virtual MS Trust Conference 2021

If you are a jobbing MS Health Care Professional, i.e. on the coalface of MS care, then the annual MS Trust conference is the place to be. The range of topics, talks and issues that will be discussed in a pragmatic and clinically relevant way make this the one meeting to attend this year (28th Feb to 2nd March 2021). Please click on the link to register. Due to COVID-19, the 2020 meeting was...



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