Interogating MS with new technology, it’s a T & B cell co-operation thang.

With new technology is was not a question of if, but a question of when the protein production array of individual cells will be done, You can now look for the antigen-specific receptors of each cell to find out what they target is you can look at the proteins they make to say what cell types are there and this latter aspect was the focus of this study. They got the protein signatures...

Is telemedicine the future?

Medical care without leaving your home – has an attractive ring to it; but, one that has been a reality for many parts of the world where ease of access to healthcare has been an issue. For example, in Scotland, ‘Telestroke‘ was developed to allow acute stroke patients to be evaluated by a stroke specialist within the 4.5h thrombolysis window, remotely. Increasingly telemedicine...



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