I’ve just been diagnosed


If you or someone you know has been newly diagnosed with MS it’s important for you to be able to access clear and authentic information about the condition.

We have compiled a list of links to websites who provide this information. And we’ve linked below to articles from this blog that may be relevant to newly diagnosed people.

This blog aims to analyse MS research in all its forms. We aim to do so in an accessible way, but because we are MSologists we know our terminology can be overly technical. We hope you find helpful articles here and that if you are considering a treatment, or have heard about a miracle ‘cure’ on the news, you can check out what we’re saying about it and use it to inform your decisions.

You may find that this blog is not for you yet, or at all. We’re here if you’d like to read more about the world of MS research, and understand if that’s not for you.

Information on other websites

MS Trust newly diagnosed page

MS Society newly diagnosed page

Shift.ms MS at a glance page

Active MSers

Clinic Speak

Articles from our blog

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