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Welcome to the MS-Blog.

We aim to post daily, commenting on the good, bad and other aspects of MS research. We want to keep you up to date with what’s going on in the world of multiple sclerosis research.

Our audience encompasses MS researchers, clinicians, scientists, students pharmaceutical employees, people with MS, relatives of pwMS and more. So the posts that are written will be aimed at various levels of scientific and medical knowledge. It’s important to us that the blog is inclusive, yet not oversimplified; that we have some posts that will increase the understanding of someone with no knowledge of MS, and some that will inform MS experts of important developments.

Therefore, the posts will be divided into three levels. These allow you to know instantly whether a post is going to be plain English, or highly technical, and you can decide whether or not to read it, or whether you need to set aside more time to go through it.

In addition to the levels, we aim to use some of our educational posts to move our readers up the levels, helping you to access some of the more complex posts, by outlining concepts and explaining parts of the condition you may not yet know about. These posts have ‘Education’ in the titles. And they are in the category ‘Lab Lessons‘. Here are our levels:

Easy reader
Anyone can read this post, no matter their knowledge of MS or science. Readers may need to check our glossary for terms and acronyms used widely within the MS world e.g. MRI scan, RRMS.

More scientific
You don’t need a background in science to read this post, but it may contain terms and concepts that may make more sense if you read the blog regularly, or know a fair bit about MS.

Super scientific
The post may contain several concepts that need a lot of research in and of themselves in order to understand. Terms used may be very technical and might not make much sense to those who are not familiar with academic, scientific writing.

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