Just arrived back from the AAN 2019 in Philadelphia. Jetlagged, which is why I am writing this at 2 am in the morning. As always the AAN is more a meeting of meetings or networking in academic lingo. These meetings have allowed us to progress several of our ideas including (1) DrK’s #MSAttack study with natalizumab, (2) to think more deeply about our proposed ADIOS Trial (adaptive dosing...

AAN 2019 Living Well

I arrived in Philadelphia on Thursday to attend the 2019 AAN annual meeting. The programme of this year continues much of what was started in 2017 and 2018 around burnout and its opposite wellness. The AAN states: “Neurology is the only medical speciality that has both one of the highest rates of burnout and the lowest rates of work-life balance. AAN leadership is well aware of your daily...



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