#MSCOVID19: cladribine is being unfairly tarnished with alemtuzumab’s brush

Barts-MS rose-tinted-odometer: ★★★★★ I think the North American MS community have made some mistakes with their COVID-19 vaccine recommendations, in particular, the NMSS COVID-19 vaccine guidelines for cladribine. In view of the immunology of cladribine’s mode of action and new data that is emerging, I would suggest the NMSS considers updating its guidelines.  Lemtrada and MavencladIf...

Katerina Akassoglou

Did you enjoy ACTRIMS? On Thursday evening I had the privilege of being at the Barancik Prize award ceremony and lecture. Katerina Akassoglou received the award for her work on the blood-brain barrier and fibrin as a pro-inflammatory agent of the innate immune system. Her lecture was a tour de force on what a single individual with dedication and focus can achieve. Well done. I was particularly...



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