Age is a compelling causal argument for MS

Fact – autoimmune disorders affect the young. Fact – the immune system ages with you as does rest of the body. Fact – MS is an autoimmune disorder. This week we find yet another study re-iterating the point that the evolution of MS lesions is an age-dependent phenomenon. This time using MRI head scans, in what is arguably one of the largest series published on the topic...

What has getting old got to do with MS?

The brain and spinal cord were not necessarily designed by evolution to last longer than approximately 35 years. It is only relatively recently that as a species we have extended our lifespans. Once you go beyond approximately 35 years of age there is a gradual loss of nerve cells, axons and synapses. This explains why as we get older we notice the effects of ageing; reduced vision, loss of...



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