Treating MS in an ageing population

Image from MSARDs As the entire world learns to embrace ageing, it brings with challenges for healthcare service delivery and economy. Although, MS is a disease of the young (median age of onset is 32) ageing looms in the horizon and cannot be blithely ignored. In some instances, the MS isn’t picked up until much later (the oldest patient I’ve diagnosed is 84 years old!), which raises...

Life is short, may your telomeres not get shorter

As cells divide, chromosomes replicate so that each cell contains the full complement of genetic material required for it to work. Telomeres are stretches of genetic material that are found at the ends of chromosomes protecting it from damage. There are a few interesting facts related to telomere length: 1) telomere length shortening is believed to be a major contributor to ageing; 2) telomere...



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