#MSCOVID19: alcohol

Barts-MS rose-tinted-odometer: ★ She recently turned 32 and has had multiple sclerosis for just shy of 4 years. She previously described herself as a moderate drinker having 2 to 3 glasses of wine per day in the week and maybe a bottle of wine per day on weekends. She would have typically her first drink of the day in the early evening when she got home from work. However, with COVID-19 and being...

Alcohol Awareness Week

This week is alcohol awareness week in the UK and the NHS is encouraging its patients/clients to look in the mirror and ask whether or not they are drinking too much. As part of the holistic management of MS and our marginal gains strategy for managing MS, we are encouraging all pwMS to do the same. Excessive alcohol consumption is bad for MS in several ways. It disrupts your sleep pattern and...

What is end-organ damage?

Help! How do I manage progressive brain atrophy in a patient who is NEDA-3? End-organ damage is a catch-all phrase for the degeneration of the brain; it occurs as part of the ageing process that some consider pathological and others as a normal fact of life. I have hinted that I consider it both because end-organ damage is potentially modifiable via lifestyle modifications and pharmacological...



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