Are you an anticholinergic zombie?  A few months ago a 63-year-old MSer was admitted to hospital because of faecal impaction and overflow diarrhoea. She had had worsening constipation for years and was having intermittent diarrhoea due to liquification of stool from an overgrowth of bacteria in her colon, above a massive faecolith (a faecal rock). Her neurologist had her on a long-acting...

#MS-Selfie: infections and how to self-manage your bladder

In response to a comment from one of our readers, I am starting a series of posts called #MS-Selfie, which is derived from the term self-management. These posts are a long read but will help you manage your own MS. Over the last few weeks, many of my posts have focused on MS-specific mechanisms underlying why pwMS become disabled and how DMTs can delay, or prevent, this damage from occurring. The...



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