The three Amigos

This week some of us with decanting to Edinburgh for the annual Association of Neurologists meeting. From an MS perspective, we will have lots to discuss including whether or not the UK MS community has the appetite to take on one, or all of these, studies. Which one do you think is the most important? The SALVAGE study, which is challenging NHS England’s DMT stopping criteria and saying...

The Natalizumab #AttackMS Trial

We propose the very early use of natalizumab to maximise outcomes in people with very early relapsing MS. In the European Union, natalizumab is licensed to treat adults with highly active relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis for the following patient groups: Patients with highly active disease despite a full and adequate course of treatment with at least one disease-modifying therapy (DMT) or...

#AttackMS – a flipped pyramid

Why does Selma Blair’s speech sound slurred? Whenever a celebrity gets MS and comes out of the ‘closet’ MS trends on social media. When Selma Blair attended the Oscar ceremony on Sunday night walking with a cane it caused quite a stir. You can now watch an interview with her on ABC News. You will notice that she has a slurred speech, which we call dysarthria and she is unsteady...



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