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#MSCOVID19 De-deployed

This is a very good news post and worth a quiet celebration.  As you can see from the study and figure below that Barts Health NHS Trust, where we work, was at the epicentre, of the epicentre of the UK’s COVID-19 pandemic. London has had the most COVID-19 cases in the UK and it looks as if the majority of cases where managed in our four COVID active hospitals. This graph shows just is how...

COVID19 reality bites

Hats off to our Italian colleagues – I can only imagine what each day has brought into your lives. Last weekend, I held the notorious position as the last Consultant Neurologist on-call for Barts Health, one of the largest NHS Trusts England with 1,255 A&E patient attendances per day. Monday onward, every able bodied member of staff has been redeployed to a major incident rota, the...



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