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How healthy is your Brain?

As 2021 rapidly speeds up and COVID-19 leaves its trail of destruction it is clear to see how important general and brain health is for resilience against disease and its broader impact. These lessons go beyond COVID-19 and apply to any disease. This is why our #BrainHealth #TimeMatters campaign is so important for people with MS (pwMS) and the general public and why prehabilitation needs to...

Do you have high blood pressure?

Barts-MS rose-tinted-odometer  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Who knows their current blood pressure? If you have MS you should know your blood pressure, your BMI (body mass index), your lipid status and whether or not you have impaired glucose tolerance or diabetes. In other words, all pwMS should have an annual health check outside of their MS clinic appointment to be screened for comorbidities. We know that pwMS...

Chicken or Egg?

Rose-tinted-odometer = ★ Brain Health is a major theme of this blog. Why?  We think that to ‘maximise brain health for the life of a person with MS (pwMS)’ we need to manage MS actively and holistically and promote brain-healthy behaviours. The ‘we’ here is not only HCPs but you and society, which includes regulators, politicians, educationalists, pharma, etc.    Another thing...

What is end-organ damage?

Help! How do I manage progressive brain atrophy in a patient who is NEDA-3? End-organ damage is a catch-all phrase for the degeneration of the brain; it occurs as part of the ageing process that some consider pathological and others as a normal fact of life. I have hinted that I consider it both because end-organ damage is potentially modifiable via lifestyle modifications and pharmacological...



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