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A smoking gun?

The big hole in the EBV hypothesis of MS is how does the virus cause the disease at a molecular and immunological level. There are as many theories as thinkers.  One theory is that EBV infects the CNS and MS is caused by an immune response to the virus in the brain of MSers. MS is then due to bystander damage of the immune cells finding and attacking the EBV infected cells. The evidence that EBV...

Is it B and/or T cells and which ones?

Can studying the pathology of MS and animal models of MS teach us about the cell types driving MS? Professor Lassmann is the doyen of multiple sclerosis pathology. He makes two very important points in this review. EAE the experimental model of MS is not MS. Interestingly, most EAE models are driven by CD4+ T-cells, which is very relevant to the second point he makes. Does this mean we should not...



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