Subcutaneous Cladribine as a Treatment Option

After Cladribine tablets had been rejected by regulators in 2010/11, Merck-Serono binned their respective development programme. This was in spite of excellent data on disease control and adverse events – if there hadn’t been those three cancers in the active arm of the CLARITY study (and none in the placebo arm). Although it subsequently turned out the malignancy risk with cladribine...

ChariotMS – we’re rolling !

And we’re off… Almost exactly three years after submitting our outline application to the NIHR-EME, the first site initiation visit of ChariotMS will take place TODAY at my home site, The Royal London Hospital. We are expecting the first of 200 people with advanced MS to enrol in June. And as the remainder of 20 sites across all nations of the UK will open over the next three months...

Cost effectiveness of cladribine vs fingolimod in Portugal

Firstly, this is not about money (I say this without a tell as my accountant taps away at their calculator nonchalantly). Really, this concept of cost-effectiveness is only obtrusive if you dislike politicking in any form or kind, or you’re British. The easiest way to understand cost-effectiveness models in healthcare in my view is to understand the principles of bartering. In bartering...



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